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GrayMatter is dedicated to
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empowering people. We help your
people and your industrial assets
become smarter and more visible.

Advanced Industrial Analytics

You don’t need a data scientist to sift through your data haystack to find the needles – we’ll do it for you – as a service. More on advanced industrial analytics.

Brilliant Operations

We cover the entire process of connecting machines, people and processes for a new breed of data-driven manufacturers. More on Brilliant Operations.

Industrial Cybersecurity

As industrial companies connect more and more systems, they introduce new risks to their environments. Our cyber strategy is built around mitigating those risks. More on cybersecurity for OT.

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We help your people and your industrial assets become smarter and more visible.

We’re a services-first company that starts with your problem and works backwards to help fix it.

We don’t focus on product. We focus on co-innovation and and curating the best process and technology to drive industrial companies and utilities through digital transformation.

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