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March 2, 2023
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Ohio Utility Leaps Ahead After Assessment & Fast Upgrades

GrayMatter and the City of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, worked together to solve  modernization challenges.  


Working Together

GrayMatter and the City of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, worked together to first assess the utility’s needs and then upgrade the municipal water utility's legacy remote terminal units (RTUs) and telephone-based communications to top-tier PLCs and mesh radio solutions. 

Now, instead of settling for unreliable telemetry from remote pumps, wells and tanks in the field — Mt. Vernon's utility operators can securely access the data they need from a centralized location to monitor and analyze system-wide performance.

“This new system, as we’re integrating, we understand how it’s built from the ground up. It’s not some mysterious black box that we don’t understand how it works. That’s one of the areas I really credit GrayMatter – they work hand-in-hand with us. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

David Hall, Mt. Vernon Water Chief Operator


The Challenge

Water and wastewater providers are essential parts of the nation's critical infrastructure. Many utilities depend on legacy, unsupported RTUs made by defunct brands such as Westerman or outdated telemetry protocols such as DTMF or MDS radio.

The Solution

GrayMatter worked with Mt. Vernon to develop a simple, efficient strategy to upgrade legacy telemetry at water/wastewater facilities.

GrayMatter’s approach relies on industry-standard PLCs, resilient 2.4 and 5.8 GHz kinetic-mesh radio communications and best-in-class SCADA systems.


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