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June 21, 2022
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August 9, 2022

Water Utility:
GrayMatterGUARD Case Study


GrayMatterGUARD successfully prevented the pen tester’s Red Team from gaining scanning visibility into the rest of the network.


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A breach at just one unmanaged, remote network asset can give a digital attacker access to the entire system.

It could take hours for personnel to reach a compromised asset location — if it’s even noticed — giving the attacker extra time to infiltrate and do damage on the network.

GrayMatterGUARD is an agentless network security solution designed to solve the unique cybersecurity challenges of water/wastewater authorities, power utilities and other large, distributed industrial systems.

In this ProjectX, learn how one southeastern U.S. water utility used remoteGUARD by GrayMatter and overcame firewall limitations and strengthened their cyber strategy.


You Don't Need to Be a Cyber Expert

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