Episode 22: Advanced Analytics Solution Helps Nordson Customers Enhance Data Visibility
September 8, 2022
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September 13, 2022

Advanced Analytics Solution Helps Nordson Customers Unlock Machine Performance Data




GrayMatter customer Nordson Corporation is the global leader in adhesive dispensing technology.

Based in Westlake, Ohio, Nordson operates in more than 35 countries and was founded in the 1950s as a division of the U.S. Automatic Corporation.

Today, machines made by Nordson’s Adhesive Systems Business Unit are used to apply adhesives during the production and packaging of consumer products including cereal boxes, cell phones, auto parts, appliances and many others.

“You don’t think about what all is touched by adhesives, but in the modern world, it’s much more efficient, and lots of products are enabled by it,”

– Larry Saidman, Nordson’s Chief Technologist, R&D, during an interview on GrayMatter’s emPOWERUP Podcast.


Podcast Ep. 22

GrayMatter emPOWERUP Podcast host Jeremy Boren talks with Larry Saidman, chief technologist for R&D at Nordson, about how his team is using advanced analytics to improve customer service.

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GrayMatter and Nordson are collaborating on an Advanced Industrial Analytics solution that allows Nordson and its customers to analyze data generated by adhesive-dispensing equipment.

Nordson recently upgraded an adhesive-dispensing machine commonly used by companies in the packaging industry. The upgrade enables better data processing and connectivity capabilities.

“GrayMatter has been excellent as far as taking that data at the cloud level and being able to do analytics on it and then give customers back better information on how their asset is performing,”

- Larry Saidman, Chief Technologist R&D, Nordson



Major benefits of the project + Best practices for those starting an adv. analytics project



  • Improved future product designs based on more granular data
  • Data-driven insights for customers about how assets perform and when service is needed
  • Better machine performance assessment in the field


  • Have a cross-functional team that listens to technical advisers
  • Keep the customer needs in mind
  • Ensure teams working in the field understand the product well


GrayMatter’s Advanced Industrial Analytics solutions build a custom-fit strategy for clients that can start from zero to jumpstart an analytics pilot in days, or incorporate the work you’ve done and help build the model that scales across your entire enterprise.