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"Process Automation is a core strength of GrayMatter.  We can go into any chemical, life sciences or water/wastewater facility, figure out the processes and document them, develop P&IDs, Functional Description Specification (FDS) and control strategies to come up with an appropriate solution to meet or exceed client requirements."


Design Engineering

Identify the time, materials and personnel needed to complete a project. Develop full schematics commissioning documents, checklists for equipment and controls and communication plan with key stakeholders.

  • PLC Mapping & Programming
  • Control Panel Modernization
  • Alarm Structure Optimization
  • Develop C&I system architecture, hardware, software, and applications
  • Develop P&IDs
  • Design Process Control Logic
  • Develop detailed specifications and drawings
  • Develop procedures for Maintenance of Plant Operations (MOPO) during construction
  • SCADA Design/Master Planning
  • HMI Screens - ISA 101
  • Radio Telemetry Design
  • Control Panel Design (custom built from UL-listed industrial control panel shop in the U.S. and Canada)
  • Control Panel Build
    – UL, cUL
  • Control Panel QCC
    – Point-to-point (conductivity)
    – Power Up (test for DOA components)
  • Program Download
    –Setup & Test communications
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with GrayMatter or Customer Personnel


Translate initial planning into action. Ensure data tags flow from devices to control systems and reporting and visualization tools for plant-floor operators and project leaders.

  • SCADA/HMI/MES systems
    – Product Agnostic Approach
    – System Integration (PLCs, MES, DCS, ERP)
    – Remote Monitoring and Control Implementation
    – Legacy System Migration
    – ANSI/ISA-Compliant Dashboards
    – ISA101 Standard Application
    – Customized HMI & Style Guide Development
    – Alarm & Notification Management
  • Process and Batching Automation
    – Unique PhantomTrac Solution to meet all Process Batching requirements
  • Machine Control
    – Full-scale electrical design and automation of Material Handling Systems
    – Electrical design and automation of high-precision cutting systems
    – Experienced in all levels of automation in machine environments, including full development, enhancements, and remediation of existing systems
  • DCS/PLC-based distributed process controls
  • Field devices, sensors, and instrumentation
  • Industrial networking to connect shop floor PLCs with SCADA workstations
  • Bridging process networks with business networks
  • Telemetry over radio, leased lines, CDMA/GSM, and POTs
  • Motion Applications ​
    – Vast experience in Motion applications from simple, single axis servo systems, to multi-axis multi-machine systems
  • Reporting
  • Validation
  • Serialization

Testing & Startup

Calibrate in a passive, controlled environment and finalize go-live plans with operations and quality assurance personnel.

  • Rigorous UL-listed standards, acceptance testing, panel shop, on-site control engineers
  • Factory tests, calibrations, and loop checkout
  • DCS/PLC programming/configuration testing
  • Develop procedures for system startup
  • Troubleshoot Control Logic
  • Fine tune C&I loops
  • Interface with plant operations, system availability and acceptance testing

What a Project Timeline Looks Like

  • 01 Receive Customer Request for Proposal

  • 02Create & Submit Proposal

  • 03Receive Purchase Order

  • 04Perform 30, 60, 90 Design Reviews

    – Process Description
    – Electrical Design (including CAD) of entire system including control panels
    – PLC & HMI Design
    – Vision Design
    – SCADA Design
  • 05Create Issued-for-Construction Packages

    – Scope of Work
    – Electrical Drawings
  • 06Create Validation Documentation

    – Change Request
    – Specification Documents
    – Testing Protocols
  • 07Program PLC/HMI/Vision/SCADA

  • 08Support Installation

  • 09Perform Start-up/Debug/Commissioning

  • 10Execute Validation

  • 11Turnover Final Deliverables to Customer


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