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Our Vision

The GrayMatter vision is to transform operations and empower people.

This might look like transforming manufacturing companies into technology companies that create new revenue, boost the economy and revitalize cities.

Or it could mean empowering people to make clean water for communities, saving energy and creating machine learning environments on university and corporate campuses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your people and your industrial assets become smarter and more visible.

We don’t focus on product. We focus on co-innovation and curating the best process and technology to drive industrial companies and utilities through digital transformation.

Who does GrayMatter work with?

GrayMatter works with industrial companies within many sectors across North America.
The industries we serve include:

  • Food & beverage
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Discrete & hybrid batch manufacturing
  • Chemical & rolled products
  • Upstream/midstream oil and gas
  • Water/wastewater treatment, collection & distribution
  • Smart buildings including higher education & fleets
  • Machine builders, OEMs, additional IoT solutions




What’s Our Unfair Advantage?

We know operational technology better than anyone.

OT expertise

GrayMatter is recognized for its unmatched understanding of operational technology.

As a Service Offerings

Customers view GrayMatter’s ability to support operations from the outset to completion as a convenience. Offering a full scope of OT solutions distinguishes GrayMatter from other partners.

Strong Foundation

The Industrial Internet starts with asset connectivity. We’ve built industrial networks from scratch, connecting old and new machines.


GrayMatter Offerings

GrayMatter is recognized for our unmatched understanding of operational technology (OT).

Our “As a Service” offerings allow us to support our customers’ operations from the outset to completion.

Innovation as a Service

Brilliant Operations as a Service

Cyber as a Service

Intelligent Assets as a Service

Investigative Data as a Service

Digital Utility as a Service

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