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Cybersecurity is most effective when it becomes an enabler, not a disabler.

Industrial Cybersecurity

You're securing the critical systems that clean water, make food & produce energy.

As industrial companies and utilities connect more systems through digital transformation, they introduce new risks to their environments.

GrayMatter’s Cyber offering is built around mitigating those risks. Our expertise in operational technology is unmatched, giving us a clear advantage in securing the industrial space.


Industrial Edge Cybersecurity

GrayMatterGUARD secures industrial operations in a rapid, simply way and it's all deployed for you - without needing to be a cyber expert.

  • Threat Detection
  • Interior & Exterior Deception
  • Geo-fencing; access to siren & decoy library
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GrayMatter’s risk assessment assigns a score of 0-100% that accounts for vulnerable devices, security and firmware update practices, firewall policies and other factors that become part of risk reduction plan. The higher the score, the more secure the network.

  • Map assets & network connections
  • Outline alarming & incident notification flow
  • Determine cybersecurity preparedness score
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Micro-segmentation allows organizations to create increasingly granular security zones within their operational technology network. These zones can be used to control the visibility of and access to individual assets, making it possible to deliver a consistent level of protection to an individual asset or group of sensitive assets.

  • Network segmentation to mitigate exposure risk
  • Secure & encrypt traffic between remote access pointsSecure & encrypt traffic between remote access points
  • Implement zero-trust infrastructure
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GrayMatter deploys tools that analyze and continuously monitor potential threat vectors on your ICS/SCADA networks for anomalies. Anomalies automatically trigger a timeline of alerts that makes it easier to correlate and address unexpected events.

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Asset awareness & management
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
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Domain experts reverse-engineer malware, perform breach forensics and use full-fidelity PCAPs to formulate a remediation plan.

  • Strategy creation
  • Strategic embedded resource
  • Post-incident remediation efforts
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A manufacturer-independent software solution provides backup, version control, and documentation of project data for industrial control systems. A standardized workflow and centralized data storage enables automatic backups and supports audit trail documentation.

  • Automatic data backups & replication
  • Version control
  • Auditing, reporting & change history
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