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Cyber Security for Operational Technology

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Imagine a house with a bolted front door and a state-of-the-art home security system.

cyber security for OT

cyber security for OT

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It may seem secure, but the back window is wide open, curtains billowing in the wind.

cyber security for OT open window

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Ignoring your cyber security strategy for operational technology is no different.

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SCADA cyber security
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We Secure Your Operational Technology

Ignoring operational technology cyber security is like leaving the back window or door wide open.

Maybe you’ve set up a firewall, hired a CISO or even performed a vulnerability assessment with a large consulting group. Those action items or checked boxes are giving you a sense of security, a plan. But the problem is, it’s a false one.

All your planning has secured the information technology (IT) side, while at the same time your operational technology (OT) is left wide open and it’s a dangerous gap.

According to the HIS technology report, “Industrial IoT 2014,” less than half of Internet-connected devices are above the firewall. More than half are actually below it– in the operational technology (OT) underbelly.

The protection of critical assets has never been more top of mind as industrial attacks are on the rise. GrayMatter can help you create the cyber security plan that best fits your needs allowing your to make the best decisions for maintaining safety and availability across your operational technology environment.

Our solutions range from big-picture strategy and budget allocation to technology implementation that reduces attacks and finally, managed services to be your eyes and ears– monitoring alerts and regularly scheduling maintenance.

Where We Come In



  • Strategic planning
  • Policy building
  • C-Suite translation
  • National security expert advisory


  • Assessment of operational technology network
  • Cloaking vital systems
  • Reducing attacks and monitoring threats
  • Implementation of custom-fit technology

Managed Services

  • Post “go live” support
  • Monitoring of your OT alerts
  • Incidence response teams
  • Technology training
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Take the Cyber Challenge

The key to getting ahead in cyber security is to discover what you don’t already know. Take the cyber challenge now and find out your personal cyber security knowledge score. Are you up to the challenge?

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cyber security guide

Cyber Security for the Operational Technology (OT) World: A Guide

Download the GrayMatter Cyber Security Guide for Operational Technology to get a comprehensive understanding of security in the OT world including top vulnerabilities.

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The Front Door is Bolted, but the Back Window is Open: Cyber Security Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring two GrayMatter OT experts who address why only securing IT is like bolting the front door but leaving the back window open and how to overcome the vulnerabilities.

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