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Cybersecurity for Operational Technology

Breaking News: Cyber Attack Almost Triggers a Dangerous Chemical Increase at Florida Water Treatment Plant

FEBRUARY, 2021 – The attack that almost triggered a dangerous chemical increase at a Florida water treatment plant highlights why utilities must build a thoughtful approach when deploying remote-connectivity software. How can water treatment facilities and industrial companies prepare to avoid a similar attack?


Cybersecurity is most effective when it becomes an enabler, not a disabler.

MES manufacturing execution systems

You're securing the critical systems that clean water, make food & produce energy.

As industrial companies and utilities connect more systems through digital transformation, they introduce new risks to their environments.

GrayMatter’s Cyber offering is built around mitigating those risks. Our expertise in operational technology is unmatched, giving us a clear advantage in securing the industrial space.

empowerGUARD by GrayMatter

empowerGUARD from GrayMatter is a unique OT cybersecurity risk assessment and implementation solution.

It maps a company’s connected OT assets and objectively analyzes the severity of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

empowerGUARD’s risk assessment assigns a security score of 0-100% that accounts for vulnerable devices, security and firmware update practices, firewall connection policies and other factors.

The higher the percentage, the more secure the network.

deceptionGUARD by GrayMatter

GrayMatter’s deceptionGUARD deceives attackers and harvests intelligence, empowering operators to be proactive and control their industrial cyber strategy. We simplify and automate the process of using decoys and sirens to find industrial attackers and develop plans to stop attacks.


  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Real-time OT intrusion detection & network monitoring tool
  • emPOWERGUARD by GrayMatter – Multi-faceted edge security solution
  • DHS CSET – Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Evaluation Tool
  • OT Cyber Architect with 15+ years of OT security experience

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Other technology reports on assets under attack, we put a no risk decoy to lure those attackers away from costly assets.
Strategic enforcement begins before real attacks take place and attackers can be locked from network resources.

What questions help guide a cyber assessment?


Is your team following best practices? Do they operate in a risk-averse way?


What are the processes in place to protect against risk? Are the methods to circumvent OT security processes?


What cyber solutions have you invested in? Are technologies properly deployed?

Top 6 OT Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

01 | Over-reliance on air gap 

Typically, OT systems have been segregated from the company’s network IT by an air gap. Oftentimes air gaps are not regularly audited, scanned or veri ed to ensure lack of connectivity.

02 | Lack of training 

Many organizations have not put policies or procedures in place to help employees and vendors consistently utilize good security practices.

03 | Poor network segmentation 

Organizations often do not effectively utilize the concepts of zones and conduits. By limiting access and egress to specific zones, incidents can be better contained.

04 | Poor incident response 

Often, documented steps for responding to and containing an incident are limited or worse, non-existent.

05 | Poor passsword practices 

Strong corporate password protection policies are not always carried over
to the OT environment. Operators and administrators may have the same user names for various shifts.

06 | Absence of notification or detection

How does an organization know when something is wrong?

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