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Resideo Technologies Acquires Pittsburgh-based GrayMatter Spinoff, LifeWhere

Pittsburgh, PA — A GrayMatter spin-off company that uses data analytics and machine learning to predict potential home appliance failures will become part of Resideo Technologies, Inc., a leading, global provider of residential comfort and security solutions in Austin, Texas.

Resideo announced Friday it has acquired LifeWhere, which GrayMatter started internally in 2016 and spun out in October 2017 to bring its expertise in industrial intelligence and predictive analytics to the residential utility market.

“It’s a great example of Pittsburgh’s technology ecosystem coming together,” said GrayMatter co-founder and CEO Jim Gillespie. “We knew there was an opportunity for homeowners and HVAC companies to benefit from predictive analytics in the smart-home market, and LifeWhere was able to build a solution that enhances Resideo’s already impressive portfolio.”

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: GrayMatter Acquires a Denver-based Equipment Seller, Plans to Triple Staff

Pittsburgh, PA — Industrial technology and consulting firm GrayMatter plans to triple its headcount in the next few years after acquiring a Denver, Colo.-based equipment seller.

GrayMatter, which is headquartered in Warrendale, announced the acquisition of Technical Marketing Manufacturing, Inc. on Tuesday afternoon. TMMI provides operational technology to customers in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho and Montana.

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GrayMatter Expands Throughout West, Adds Denver Industrial Tech Business

Pittsburgh, PA — GrayMatter, an industrial technology and consulting company headquarted in Pittsburgh, PA is accelerating its growth plan with the addition of Denver-based TMMI.

One of Pittsburgh’s fastest growing companies, GrayMatter plans to triple in revenue and people over the next few years.

“The market has caught up to what we do and now is the time to capitalize on it,” said GrayMatter CEO and CMU grad Jim Gillespie.

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Pittsburgh Business Times: Pittsburgh Industrial Automation Firm Makes Acquisition

Pittsburgh, PA — Pittsburgh area-based industrial technology and consulting company GrayMatter announced today it acquired Denver-based Technical Marketing Manufacturing Inc. TMMI provides operational technology software and hardware and has 25 employees.

“We haven’t operated in that area of the country the mountain states basically,” said GrayMatter CEO Jim Gillespie. “So we think it’s a great geographic fit.”

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Life On the Edge: Why Micro Data Centers Are the Next Frontier

Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh-based industrial solution provider GrayMatter has found massive opportunities for edge computing on manufacturing floors where customers may have mission-critical infrastructure that requires high reliability and can’t afford downtime.

“Edge is almost a continuum of possibilities, from servers with tons of edge computing power and storage, down to a really simple, not expensive, lower intelligence to just bridge the data up to the cloud—so it depends on how much latency you can handle in an application, how much local intelligence needs to go on,” said CEO Jim Gillespie.

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GrayMatter Accelerating Growth with Significant Investment from Private Equity Firm Hamilton Robinson

Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh’s tech scene is on the rise and GrayMatter, a technology and consulting company headquartered there, believes a recent investment in their business will significantly contribute to the technology surge taking place in the city.

Co-founder, CEO and Carnegie Mellon graduate Jim Gillespie says a substantial investment by private equity firm Hamilton Robinson will allow GrayMatter to rapidly expand its efforts to digitally transform industrial operations and empower people at forward-thinking companies across the United States and Canada.

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Top Executives Strengthen the Region, Contribute to its Economic Success in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA – The Smart Business Network is hosting the 2017 Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards on Thursday, Nov. 9 to honor people that are impacting the community with new ideas and contributing to city sustainability.

GrayMatter is proud to announce that CEO Jim Gillespie made the list for leading a company that is improving performance through technological innovation.

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GrayMatter in CRN: Testing the IoT Waters by Creating a Smart Drinking Fountain

Pittsburgh, PA – Solution provider GrayMatter is navigating the turbulent IoT waters, using its technical expertise and operational technology background to successfully deploy connected drinking fountains in public places like schools.

“We did a connected smart water fountain with DC Water – people think of that as a classic IoT application,” GrayMatter CEO James Gillespie told CRN. “That’s a good example because it combines a whole bunch of innovation.”

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GE & GrayMatter CEOs in CRN: Partnerships Key in Digital

Pittsburgh, PA – GE CEO John Flannery, while speaking to a crowd of systems integrators, resellers and ISVs at Minds + Machines 2017 in San Francisco, said that the Boston-based company wants to help customers work through an IT skills gap as they connect their machines.

“Partners are the key pillar of our digital strategy going forward,” he said. “We’ll continue to work to address adjacent markets, largely through our partners.”

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GrayMatter Awarded CRN 2017 IoT Innovator

Pittsburgh, PA – GrayMatter is proud to have made the list as an IoT Innovator for our work with DC Water on co-innovating a smart sensor drinking fountain.

The new tech fountains have sensors that use real-time data and analytics to monitor both water quality and flow levels, sending that information to the cloud and back, alerting when water quality measurements begin to deteriorate.

By measuring water quality and flow in real time, they give users more confidence in the water they are drinking while saving money spent on maintenance and testing.

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Pittsburgh Tech 50 Announced: GrayMatter & CEO Jim Gillespie Finalists

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 finalists were announced, recognizing the most successful and innovative companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Companies range from health IT, life sciences, manufacturing, consumer products, consulting services and more, and are broken up into several categories such as CEO of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Culture Leader of the Year & more.

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GrayMatter & DC Water Launch Smart Drinking Fountains

Pittsburgh, PA – A live demo of a new innovative smart sensor drinking fountain debuted at ACE 2017, the American Water Works Association’s annual conference and exposition, in Philadelphia, PA.

GrayMatter and DC Water have created a drinking fountain that monitors water quality and flow in real time – giving users more confidence in the water they are drinking and saving money spent on maintenance and testing.

“This project redefines public water consumption, putting people and clean water first,” said Jim Gillespie, GrayMatter CEO.

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GE Digital Urges Partners to Seek Opportunities in the Industrial Internet of Things, Features GrayMatter CEO Jim Gillespie

Pittsburgh, PA – In a world that is becoming rapidly digitized, 125-year-old GE has worked hard to reinvent itself from a company that sells lightbulbs and military engines to one that is known for providing the software that powers industrial control systems on manufacturing floors.

Jim Gillespie, CEO of Pittsburgh, Pa.-based GrayMatter, said his company has been part of GE’s ecosystem since 2004, when it partnered with GE to deploy automation and connectivity solutions on the plant floor.

Over the years, Gillespie said his company has been able to innovate at the forefront of IIoT.

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GrayMatter Industrial Internet GE Digital

GrayMatter CEO to Present Industrial Internet TechTalk at Big Data Event

Pittsburgh, PA – The Industrial Internet is very real and it’s here. Everyone is collecting data, but the problem is only a small percentage of manufacturers are using that data to take action.

It’s time to digitally transform your operations using the wisdom of the machines you already have, with the information you’re already capturing.

GrayMatter CEO Jim Gillespie will present his TechTalk, “Transforming Operations, Empowering People,” during the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s summit, “I Love It When You Call Me Big Data.”

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Innovation on the Brain: TEQ Magazine

Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh’s favorite neighbor, the late Fred Rogers, once said, “The thing I remember best about successful people I’ve met all through the years is their obvious delight in what they’re doing…and they love it in front of others.”

It may sound cliche, and even a little obvious, but people make the real difference. Mister Rogers said so. And with the right tools, people can make good organization run even better– all the way to great. Respecting their intelligence and enthusiasm provides a key.

That’s the impetus behind the success of GrayMatter, based in Warrendale, which offers technology, innovative software, and a dedicated person-to-person approach to help some of the world’s leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators enhance their performance in meaningful measure.

“Our approach has always been how to control big data that transforms operations, while empowering people,” said GrayMatter CEO Jim Gillespie.

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America Isn’t Ready for a Cyberattack: GrayMatter CEO Quoted on Industrial Cyber Security in the Wall Street Journal

Warrendale, PA – The recent cyberattack that rendered more than 1,200 websites unreachable was a warning. Experts say a similar, or larger, attack could be launched tomorrow, and we’d be powerless to prevent it.

No one seems to know who was behind the attack, launched by a “botnet” of thousands of internet-connected devices. The Department of Homeland Security believes it wasn’t another nation.

I asked Jim Gillespie, whose firm GrayMatter secures industrial-control systems, which part of America’s infrastructure he worries about most. “Personally I’m most worried about the water industry,” he said.

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Gray Matter Systems Develops its Processes, People for Systematic Growth: Featured by Smart Business

Warrendale, PA – GrayMatter has connected people to their assets since the company launched in 1991, but now a hip buzzword describes what it does — industrial internet of things.

CEO James Gillespie says the firm helps companies become more efficient, because often you can either cut head count or run what you have smarter through the use of technology.

As the company has grown rapidly over the past few years, he says, it has focused on developing partnerships with long-term customers that are willing to co-innovate. They might monitor things that haven’t been monitored before and put sensors in new areas.

But GrayMatter, which has about 65 employees, doesn’t just help others run smarter, it has innovated its own processes to become more disciplined and grow systemically.

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Gray Matter Systems Smart Business

GrayMatter Named to Inc. 5000 List

Warrendale, PA – GrayMatter was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. The Inc. 5000 list honors companies with a rapid revenue growth over a three year period.

GrayMatter, a technology and consulting company that’s dedicated to transforming operations and empowering people, joins an elite group that has included companies such as Microsoft, Vizio, Oracle, Intuit and many more.

“One of the biggest reasons why we’re growing right now is because we’re picking some great strategic initiatives,” said GrayMatter CEO James Gillespie. “Initiatives like cyber security for operational technology are really exciting. We’re also pursuing a lot of innovation in the water and wastewater space.”

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Transforming Operations, Empowering People from Gray Matter Systems on Vimeo.

GrayMatter Expands Leadership Team, Adding Veteran Executives for Water, Manufacturingmeeting

Warrendale, PA – GrayMatter, a leading solution provider of process automation and data management, has added Alan Hinchman and Coleman Easterly, two veteran automation professionals with a combined 50 years of experience, to head up the company’s water/wastewater and manufacturing execution systems (MES) divisions, respectively.

Hinchman and Easterly previously held executive leadership roles at GE, managing global strategic sales and marketing initiatives for the company’s Intelligent Platforms division. As thought leaders in their respective industry, both have authored dozens of white papers and case studies, published articles in industry magazines, and are frequent speakers at local, regional, and national conferences around the country.

“Our recent growth as a company has led to the need for more leaders who also value innovation, technology, and integrity while providing our clients with quality solutions,” said James Gillespie, CEO of GrayMatter. “Alan and Coleman bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the Gray Matter team.”

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Gray Matter Systems New Corporate Headquarters on Innovation Ridge

GrayMatter Relocates Corporate Headquarters to Innovation Ridge in Warrendale

Warrendale, PA – July 6, 2015 – GrayMatter, a leading solution provider of process automation and data management, today announced the move of its corporate headquarters to a state-of-the-art, Class-G green-certified office building in Warrendale, PA. Gray Matter Systems’ consistent growth necessitated the move to the new building, located in the 223-acre Innovation Ridge Advanced Technology and Office Park near Cranberry Township.

“This move signifies an important next step in the progression of GrayMatter’s story,” GrayMatter CEO James Gillespie said. “We’ve expanded our operations significantly in the United States and Canada in the past decade, but Pittsburgh has been our home since 1991.”

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GrayMatter Named Value Added Reseller for GE’s Digital Energy Business

Sewickley, PA – May 5, 2015 – GrayMatter, a leading solution provider of process automation and data management, announced today the company’s selection as authorized channel partner for GE’s Digital Energy business.

As an authorized partner, GrayMatter will be part of a global team dedicated to offering asset management and asset control solutions that increase the reliability of electrical power networks and critical equipment for utility, gas, water, pipeline, energy and telecommunication customers.

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GrayMatter Announces Territory Expansion into Gulf Region

Sewickley, PA – June 12, 2013 –GrayMatter today announced it has expanded its territory to include Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Southeastern New Mexico in the Gulf Region.

This announcement marks a milestone in this company’s more than 20 year history of providing leading industrial automation software, hardware and services to manufacturers, water/wastewater facilities, oil and gas companies, power generation services, and other industries.

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