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Industrial Intelligence


Go behind-the-scenes with GrayMatter in our latest series — ProjectX. Get access to an in-depth view of our Industrial Intelligence projects to get a real sense of what we do, focusing on a new customer snapshot each issue.

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ProjectX: Predictive Analytics — Bringing Data Together So You Can Take It Apart

Predictive analytics super-charge the expertise that’s already in the boardroom, or in the warehouse or at the well pad. It can answer a question no one thought to ask, or offer an early alert about a pressure reading that could become a ruptured tank.

It’s about finding warning signs, plotting trends and using a virtual space to dig into real-world problems. Simply, we bring the data together, so you can take it apart.

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ProjectX: Bell Helicopter Lands a Winning Cybersecurity Solution

Bell, a Textron Company, is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters, including the V-22 Osprey; AH-1 Cobra and SuperCobra; and the Huey.

Both IT and OT (operational technology) professionals must get acquainted with the physical systems they protect from virtual threats, says Craig Carpenelli and Steve Henson, IT/OT Architects with Bell in Fort Worth, Texas.

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ProjectX: Making Assets Smarter, More Visible at Concast

As the leading domestic producer of continuous-cast copper alloys in North America, Concast knew they had to innovate to keep up with the market. They came up with a goal to digitize their work process, eliminating that paper trail, and allowing them to better track machine downtime, maximize uptime, optimize setup time and lower maintenance costs.

The first step for GrayMatter was to perform a walkthrough assessment, creating a digital roadmap for Concast. As we built the foundation, the ideas rapidly evolved…(read more).

ProjectX: Intelligent Lighting with JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase made a commitment to environmental sustainability, which includes efforts to manage its buildings and branches more efficiently. To meet these goals, GE Current implemented the world’s largest LED lighting installation deal with JPMorgan Chase in 2016, retrofitting 2,500 branches with LED lighting and 60 Chase corporate offices.

GE Current is now co-innovating with GrayMatter on the second phase of the project — a new energy management system…(read more).

ProjectX: Innovation as a Service in Oil & Gas

Each oil & gas sector has a unique purpose. However, they all have similar goals in mind when it comes to business pains. It’s all about getting your data to talk back to you, creating a new layer of insight through behavioral information that allows you to search your data and get answers back right away.

Join GrayMatter’s Sr. Digital Utility Consultant Alex Gelsick as he takes you into the story of how he helps solve problems in oil & gas by doubling down on data analytics to drive ROI…(read more).

ProjectX: Brilliant Manufacturing as a Service with GE Transportation

GE Transportation had a great, new facility but was still using very manual processes to remanufacture engines. An engine would arrive at the plant and workers would have no idea what was wrong with it. The company realized it needed to streamline processes while adding real-time data analytics to predict equipment and hardware problems. That’s when they brought in GrayMatter to increase manufacturing quality control.

Then, it became Brilliant…(read more).

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