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ProjectX: GrayMatter's Panel Services Transform Control Enclosures into Models of Efficiency and Safety


Transforming Control Enclosures for Maximum Efficiency & Safety

Phantom Technical Services, part of GrayMatter's Family of Brands, excels at providing UL-listed industrial control panel and enclosure services. 

Phantom, which became part of GrayMatter in 2023,  recently completed three projects to overhaul control enclosures for manufacturing clients in the glass, chemical and metal forging industries.

Each project is part of a larger project to evaluate and modernize industrial control systems. 


The clients’ control enclosures were in a state of disrepair, characterized by disorganized and loosely hanging components, cluttered internal spaces and outdated PLCs and other hardware components. This disorganization not only posed operational inefficiencies but raised safety concerns. 

Key issues included:

  • Disorganized, bundled wiring on enclosure doors and within the cabinet
  • Abandoned components and wiring
  • Loosely mounted components
  • Accumulation of clutter and debris in the enclosure



Phantom Technical Services approached the problem methodically to upgrade components when necessary and limit the time required to complete the overhaul.

Technicians organized wiring and cables and bundled both inside the enclosure and on the doors.

Component Management
They removed abandoned components and wiring, and securely mounted existing components.

Upgrading Hardware
Phantom replaced the original HMI (Human Machine Interface) with a newer model, and fabricated a custom mounting plate.

A technician cleared the entire enclosure of debris, vacuumed, and cleaned to remove dust and grime.



Improved Efficiency & Safety

Improved operational efficiency and safety due to the organized and secure setup of components and wiring

Enhanced Functionality

Enhanced functionality with the installation of a new HMI

Cleaner & More Maintainable

A cleaner, more professional-looking control enclosure that is easier to maintain

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction was achieved through a tailored solution that addressed specific needs and requirements


About Phantom Technical

In 2023, Phantom Technical Services became part of GrayMatter’s premiere industrial technology solution providers under terms of a strategic merger. 

Phantom Technical Services has earned an outstanding reputation in the Food & Beverage, Specialty Chemical, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Metals and Discrete Manufacturing Industries for delivering high-quality solutions to our customers.

Phantom's goal is to be a trusted advisor and to deliver systems that are on time, on budget, and use the appropriate level of technology to meet your specific needs. Our team of project managers, engineers and technicians are empowered with flexibility and responsiveness to meet your goals and objectives. 

At Phantom Technical Services, our staff is held to the highest level of integrity and ethical business conduct, and will always treat our customers, vendors and fellow co-workers with respect, honesty and fairness.



About GrayMatter

GrayMatter is dedicated to transforming operations and empowering people. We help your people and your industrial assets become smarter and more visible.

Some of the largest industrial companies in the world lean on us to protect and connect their critical assets to their teams so that every operator is empowered to be the best operator.

GrayMatter has been named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list for six consecutive years and was named Pittsburgh’s Tech50 Innovative Solution Provider of the Year for 2018, 2019 and Cybersecurity category winner in 2023. 

Additionally, our GrayMatterGUARD offering was honored as a “World Changing Idea” by Fast Company.