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Florida Water Utility Amps Up iFIX with SuperTrend by GrayMatter

Analyzing historical iFIX data with SuperTrend by GrayMatter is critical to maintaining stable operations at a major Florida water utilities department.


Operators at a Florida utility that serves nearly 600,000 customers rely on SuperTrend to scrutinize day-to-day system anomalies, monitor pumping equipment performance and produce regulatory reports.

They also use it as a planning tool that helps new and experienced employees contend with seasonal changes in weather and customer demand.

"For example, in the spring when it doesn't rain as much and it's a super hot day, demand for water tends to go way up, so the system has to react to that," says GrayMatter CTO John Benitz.

"Our customer's operators look at the trends and can ask: How did we react last year? How does demand tend to stabilize? And how did it look yesterday in comparison to today? It's a powerful planning tool that uses the iFIX and Historian systems they already have."


No Programming

SuperTrend is preconfigured to give operators trend views with one click — no programming experience required.

Benitz said many organizations prohibit operators from accessing development tools in iFIX and other programs to build custom reports, which means managers must spend time handling customer report requests. Not with SuperTrend.

"SuperTrend gives operators the flexibility to build and access what you need and, if you want, save it to use again."



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