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March 1, 2023
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Industrial Cybersecurity:
New Tech for Segmentation & Remote Access
March 29, 2 PM EST | Free Registration


Scott Christensen

Cybersecurity Practice Lead, GrayMatter

Kemell Kassim

VP Cyber, GrayMatter

Vince Zappula

Chief Revenue Officer, BlastWave
New Tech for Segmentation & Remote Access

Government regulations could soon require industrial organizations to strengthen cybersecurity protections for critical infrastructure.

That's why many companies in manufacturing, energy production, water/wastewater and other industries are working now to implement network segmentation and securely manage remote industrial assets.

Join GrayMatter Cyber Practice Lead Scott Christensen and BlastWave CRO Vince Zappula on March 29 for an in-depth discussion about the changing regulatory landscape and the most effective segmentation and remote access protection technologies available.

What You'll Learn:
  • How industrial companies leverage network segmentation to protect legacy assets
  • How new technologies can make remote assets undiscoverable to bad actors
  • What to expect from a network assessment focused on OT cybersecurity
  • Why ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting manufacturing
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