SuperTrend by GrayMatter

iFIX Trending Simplified


SuperTrend by GrayMatter is a powerful data visualization tool that enables iFIX users to create intuitive historical trending charts on demand — with just a few clicks.

Operators can easily generate single or multiple chart views, quickly compare historical tag data, adjust styling and add in-line annotations and comments.

SuperTrend installs over existing iFIX/Historian systems without requiring changes to the application.


SuperTrend Features

  • Build intuitive reports in minutes instead of hours
  • Deploy copies of trend reports to multiple monitors
  • Make calculations without creating new tags
  • Add new charts or edit existing ones
  • Annotate historical data with operator comments
  • Run on mobile devices for field operators
  • Install in minutes on existing iFIX system
  • Supports latest versions of GE Proficy iFIX & Webspace

SuperTrend saves you from spending hours running reports. We developed it based on what operators tell us they need — an easy way to customize historical trend reports in iFIX without involving a manager or a third party.

Gabriel Miños, GrayMatter Sr. Automation Consultant


What Industries Use SuperTrend iFIX Trending?

  • Water/Wastewater

  • Food & Beverage

  • Automotive

  • Electricity Production

  • Natural Gas

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Consumer Goods

  • ... and many more!




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