Planning Your Cyber Resiliency & Risk Audit

Using Proficy Operations Hub for Centralized Visualization & Contextual Data Analysis
February 11, 2021
Ask the Experts Live: iFIX 6.0
February 11, 2021

Scott Christensen, GrayMatter Cyber Security Lead | 2 PM EST I Free, Online Webinar

How well does the network contend with threats? How open is the network?

For example, in a DDoS attack, how easily can external connectivity be removed? Does the network alert quickly to the presence of malware?

Join Scott Christensen, GrayMatter’s cybersecurity lead, as he dives into how GrayMatter looks for potential threat vectors, or circumstances that could lead to downtime.

Christensen’s expertise in the industrial space is unmatched. He’ll share how our resiliency and risk audit works, as well as recent stories and best practices from the field in this free webinar.