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GrayMatter's SCADA Assessment

GrayMatter’s SCADA Assessment assigns a score of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) in four categories. An average of those scores gives an overall view of an organization's SCADA system. Assessments typically require 3-4 weeks to complete, but can vary depending on the number of plants.


What's Included in a SCADA Assessment?

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Technology Utilization


  • Evaluate available features in SCADA-linked technologies
  • Determine communication protocols of SCADA assets
  • Highlight redundancies and remote access options to mitigate equipment failures, power loss and other emergencies
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Product Licensing

  • Appraise current versus latest versions of SCADA-connected software
  • Weigh costs, complexity and security implications of upgrading software and equipment
  • Document current version control measures

Screen Optimization


  • Review operator dashboards for ease of use within ANSI/ISA standards
  • Examine current High-Performance Graphics or develop HPG examples
  • Confirm effective training documentation exists to assist new employees
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Backup & Recovery


  • Assess need for high-availability, fault-tolerant servers
  • Identify server failover capabilities configuration options
  • Outline data backup procedures

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