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April 18, 2023
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emPOWERUP Virtual: Leveraging AI to Manufacture The Perfect Batch


emPOWERUP Virtual: Leveraging AI to Manufacture The Perfect Batch

Join this GrayMatter Webinar to learn about creating The Perfect Batch!

Are you wondering why there is so much variability in Batch Cycle time? Do you need more capacity? Are you having to make corrections to batches to achieve consistent quality specifications?

Is it unclear why certain batches or products take more time than others?

What if you could make every batch The Perfect Batch – both in terms of throughput and quality?

Join us for this exciting technology that layers on top of your S88 Batch Systems and uses AI and Machine Learning to deeply analyze your batch process.  

The system connects in just a few hours and configures itself. On Day 1 you will gain insights into ways to optimize your batch processes.

This does not replace your Batch Management System, but rather adds value to it by providing capability that you do not have in your current S88 Batch system.

Using The Perfect Batch Module, you will:

• Reduce cycle times, reduce changeover times, and discover where the true bottlenecks exist

• Increase CPK, reduce testing and release batches sooner

• Reduce variability from product to product, batch to batch

• Generate a “Golden Batch” more routinely