How Colgate-Palmolive Uses Digital Twins (Video)
December 13, 2021
PPG Teams with GrayMatter to Build Innovative MES
December 16, 2021

ProjectX: How Colgate-Palmolive Uses Digital Twins & AI to Improve Manufacturing at Hill's Pet Nutrition


5 Keys to Leveraging Digital Twins

From Colgate-Palmolive & GrayMatter

Colgate-Palmolive's Warren Pruitt, VP Global Engineering Services, and Darren Haverkamp, Technical Director, join GrayMatter Sr. VP & Co-Founder Carson Drake at the 2021 Digital Twins in Manufacturing Conference to discuss how Colgate and subsidiary Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. leverage Advanced Industrial Analytics to reduce scrap and improve first-pass quality.


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Deploy Next-Generation Machine Sensors Where Possible

Smart sensors capable of monitoring in-line product quality and other historically hard to measure variables present a huge opportunity to see results from Advanced Industrial Analytics.


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Ensure Data Input Quality is High

Moving away from paper- and Excel-based methods of tracking operational data is essential to eliminating human error and achieving a real-time picture of operations.


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Don’t Aim for Perfection Right Away

Set initial goals that use Digital Twins to improve on current operations that rely largely on operator inputs, and then keep making progress from there.


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Track KPIs, Quantify Results and Make Visible to All

Build buy-in from leadership and operators by being specific about what you're tracking and why it's important to track -- then share the results with all stakeholders.


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Create a Culture Open to Change

Change isn't easy, but encourage operators to keep an open mind when it comes to integrating production recommendations that come from a machine-learning model that relies on historical data.


Watch the Full Webinar



00:00 - Intro

01:26 - Improving E2E Supply Chain - Darren Haverkamp

08:15 - How a Digital Twin Works - Carson Drake

20:25 - Operationalizing Digital Twins - Darren Haverkamp

30:53 - Panel Discussion: GrayMatter & Colgate

53:53 - Audience Q&A