Predict Energy

A major Consumer Packaged Goods company working with GrayMatter wants to reduce energy usage, but evaluating consumption of WAGES resources (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam) typically happens only during production stoppages, a rarity in a high-demand industry.
Rather than react to limited historical data, company leaders pursue an in-line, predictive approach that alerts operators to opportunities to reduce energy usage and costs.

The Solution

GrayMatter and the CPG company develop an Advanced Industrial Analytics solution that identifies trends, underlying causes of energy waste and ways operators can conserve.
Instead of waiting for reports when production pauses, operators make in-line adjustments or plan production runs based on fluctuations in utility costs, demand and other variables.


Predicting instead of reacting to energy usage unlocks substantial savings by reducing WAGES energy resource consumption.
It enables the company to reduce its carbon footprint, meet company-wide initiatives to become more environmentally friendly and free capital to invest in other innovative projects.



It’s the first and last thing on a pet food plant manager’s mind every day. A premium pet food producer suspects that adjusting a few key ingredients can produce more consistent quality without adding time-consuming lab tests and production start-up delays.

The manufacturer needs the right data and machine learning solution to identify the optimal ingredients and the best way to adjust them.

The Solution

GrayMatter’s Advanced Industrial Analytics solution predicts when production is in danger of dipping below quality standards and alerts operators to make a change.



Making in-line changes based on highly relevant data reduces waste, allows first-pass quality improvements and makes it easier to train technicians. A 1% reduction in waste produces an estimated seven-figure savings over one year.

Now the pet food maker is considering expanding its machine learning capabilities to predict maintenance needs so it can improve equipment uptime.


A specialty, engineered plastic film manufacturer needs to predict breakages before they occur so it can reduce production downtime and avoid waste and cleanup costs that can reach tens of thousands of dollars per breakage.

The Solution

GrayMatter helps leverage predictive technologies that process engineers can use to analyze disparate data sources and monitor more than 400 early indicators of manufacturing line instability, which can lead to film breaks.


Manufacturing uptime increases from the mid-80s to more than 90%
Unlocks a savings of more than $500,000 a year.

Advanced Industrial Analytics

GrayMatter’s Advanced Industrial Analytics offering brings an out-of-the-box, machine learning solution to everyone who wants to use data to drive revenue and improve customer service.

The next step is applying it to artificial intelligence in the cloud so you can find performance insights and turn them into operational directives.

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