OT cybersecurity is a whole other level. You are securing the critical systems that clean water, make food & produce energy.


You’ve locked up the IT side of things, but your operational technology (OT) is wide open — leaving you vulnerable. 2017 was the year that showed the world that major industrial cyber attacks on a global scale are not only possible, but they’re happening — a lot.

The industry is still recovering from brutal viruses such as WannaCry and Petya that wreaked havoc on power grids, mass transportation systems, government servers and on manufacturing and oil giants worldwide.

Securing your information technology is a good and important step in business, but don’t forget about locking up the systems we rely on most in manufacturing, energy and water – the operational technology.

The global IoT market will grow to $457 billion by 2020, causing billions of sensors to be rolled out rapidly as the Industrial Internet expands. The devices for operational technology are very different than those found on information technology networks and they need specialized technology to protect them.

Download the GrayMatter Cybersecurity Guide for Operational Technology: Get a comprehensive understanding of security in the OT world including top vulnerabilities, best practices and what’s in a cybersecurity plan. Plus, you can fill out a printable worksheet at the end to determine the level of security in your own operations.