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Digitizing Water Management with Keystone Clearwater Solutions

JUL 2021 - EPISODE 18

Senior VP, Jeff Wehler and Luke Beachy, Director of Technology at Keystone Clearwater

When a water pump failure shuts down production at a shale oil and gas site, workers might spend hours searching for and repairing the problem — a delay that can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Remote drill sites are often tucked into hillsides that interrupt radio signals or are too far from populated areas to access cell phone communications. Those challenges have led many to believe it’s not feasible to use wireless technology to monitor and control water pipeline systems.

That’s why GrayMatter and Keystone Clearwater Solutions worked together to create WaterForce, a smart-sensor, turnkey solution that’s flexible enough to adapt to any terrain.

GrayMatter Brand Manager Jeremy Boren talks with Keystone Clearwater Senior VP Jeff Wehler and Director of Technology Luke Beachy.