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July 22, 2021
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Why Your OT Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Crash Test Dummy

JAN 2021 - EPISODE 15

Scott Christensen, GrayMatter Cyber Practice Director

The expanding SolarWinds cybersecurity incursion is grabbing headlines and focusing attention on so-called supply-chain attacks.

Supply-chain attacks can infect industrial companies with malware either digitally, as in the case of SolarWinds via an update, or through a tainted piece of hardware, such as a USB flash drive.

emPOWERUP Podcast hosts GrayMatter Cyber Practice Director Scott Christensen to discuss supply-chain attacks, why lateral movement attacks can be hard to detect, and how deception technology for OT cybersecurity is like creating a crash test dummy for your network.

We also delve into why many industrial clients erroneously think their systems are "air-gapped" from any Internet connectivity and how a cybersecurity assessment that's custom-built for industrial clients in some of the most-often targeted sectors (energy, manufacturing and water) can reveal network weaknesses before they're exploited.

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