ProjectX: LED Manufacturer Achieves Quality Goals with PhantomTrac
August 30, 2023

Sept. 28, 2023 | 11 AM EST

emPOWERUP Live: Optimizing Water Quality Treatment, Chemicals & Costs


GrayMatter Webinar | Thursday, Sept. 28 | 11 AM EST

Chemical dosing is a major operational cost at water treatment providers.

Optimizing chemical usage is a huge opportunity for treatment facilities to reduce costs.

Join GrayMatter's Mark Meisel and GrayMatter partner Dr. Christopher Miller, CEO of Fontus Blue, for an in-depth discussion of how water treatment providers can use digital twins and Advanced Industrial Analytics to meet their budgetary and water quality objectives.

You’ll Learn How Machine-Learning Tools Can...

  • Forecast the impact of water quality treatments
  • Compare chemical costs versus treatment objectives
  • Make recommendations to optimize pre-treatment
  • Create workflow prompts to adjust to changes in demand
  • Unlock six-figure reductions in chemical costs