Collier County-GrayMatter Deep Injection Well Project Saves $1.5M a Year

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February 1, 2023

GrayMatter and Collier County Public Utilities are celebrating a major milestone for a state-of-the-art deep injection well project.

The Collier County Solid & Hazardous Waste Division held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in January 2023 to recognize the work and expertise that went into designing a “cost-effective, eco-friendly and long-term solution” that’s projected to save Collier County taxpayers $1.5 million a year.

“I’m very proud of our project team members, our contractors and our consultants, especially GrayMatter. They turned every stone throughout the project to make sure all of our operational needs were met on this project.”

Rob Lee, Solid Waste Operations Manager for Collier County (Fla.) Public Utilities

Big Wins

• $1.5 million a year in annual savings

• 10-year project break-even

Source: Collier County, Florida

• SCADA/HMI provides real-time data visibility

• Operator-level flow control & compliance check capabilities


Collier County transported landfill leachate, a toxic fluid formed from a mix of rainwater and landfill material, through a piping system to its wastewater treatment plant.

Collier County’s wastewater plant has historically treated millions of gallons of leachate a year to create water suitable for use in irrigation.

That treatment process puts strain on the plant’s critical infrastructure, which also provides wastewater treatment service to Collier County’s growing population of residents and businesses. Collier County officials wanted a better way to safely dispose of the leachate.


The new system is capable of diverting fluid collected at the Collier County Landfill to a well 3,000 feet underground.

“We did a lot of technology upgrades here,” said Aaron Cromer, a GrayMatter Solutions Architect.

“We put in the PLCs and logic that really control the leachate storage system as well as the deep injection well for compliance-driven operations,” Cromer said. “It’s really going to be a great thing for the reliability of operations.”

Lee, from Collier County Solid and Hazardous Waste Division, said the system is designed to save money and meet the county’s needs well into the future.

Collier County’s population is growing, increasing roughly 17 percent from 2010 to 2020 to roughly 386,000 people. The county includes Naples, Marco Island and Everglades City.

“We will save a significant amount of revenue,” Lee said. “This will pay off itself within 10 years, and most importantly this provides us with all the operational strategies that we need to make sure we maintain compliance.”

Speaking of success stories in Florida utilities, Orange County Utilities invites Florida water & wastewater professionals to visit March 14 for a half-day training session, tour and luncheon organized by GrayMatter. Orange County personnel will share their story of a successful, multi-year effort to centrally manage and control their SCADA system.