The Rise of Ransomware: How Water Utilities can Confront a Growing Cybersecurity Threat
February 17, 2021
Digitizing Water Management with Keystone Clearwater
February 28, 2021
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Join us for a hybrid virtual and in-person event featuring panel discussions with industrial professionals from an array of fields including manufacturing, food and beverage, CPG and water/wastewater services.

Participants will be able to stream live and on-demand sessions virtually, or they can attend on-site.

Topic discussions will include the latest best practices in digital transformation in 2021 and beyond; strengthening cybersecurity in operational technology environments; and building a high-value Advanced Industrial Analytics strategy.

At the conclusion of the sessions, please join us for a post-work, outdoor happy hour.



Laura Harshberger

Senior IT Manager – Data & Analytics, PPG

John Johnston

Director, Cybersecurity Operations, U.S. Steel

Jeff Wehler

Sr. VP, Keystone Clearwater Solutions

Michael Yoho

Manager of Operational Technology, CNX Resources



11 AM


Welcome from GrayMatter Co-Founder & CEO Jim Gillepsie


11:05 AM

Q&A with Wall Street Journal Columnist Christopher Mims: How New Tech & Management Strategies Impact Today's Global Supply Chains for Manufacturers

Speaker: Christopher Mims, Columnist of The Wall Street Journal

Award-winning Wall Street Journal columnist Christopher Mims is known worldwide for using his technology column "Keywords" to explore fascinating topics as diverse as the legacy of VisiCalc, the PC's first spreadsheet; what smartphones can do with on-board AI; and why Moore's Law could spell the end of silicon microchips as we know them.

In this GrayMatter Transform.Live session, we'll talk with him live about what manufacturers and other industrial organizations can learn from his new book released Sept. 14, 2021, "Arriving Today: From Factory to Front Door -- Why Everything Has Changed About How and What We Buy."


11:20 AM

Keynote Panel: Building Scalability & Security into Cloud-Based Advanced Industrial Analytics

Moderator: Jeremy Boren, Brand Manager, GrayMatter

Panelists: Laura Harshberger, PPG; John Johnston, U.S. Steel; Carson Drake, GrayMatter


12 PM

Lunch & Learn: Finding Resources to Map Value & Scale Digital Transformation

Moderator: Nate Smith, Director of Strategic Innovation, GrayMatter

Presenters: Deston Day, Inderdeep Huja, Nate Smith & Tod Virden, GrayMatter


12:30 PM

Keynote: How Demand for Remote Connectivity is Remaking Industrial Operations & Cybersecurity

Moderator: Scott Christensen, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, GrayMatter

Panelists: John Johnston, U.S. Steel; Michael Yoho, CNX; Jeffrey Wehler, Keystone Clearwater


1:15 PM

How Deception Technology Helps City of Babcock Ranch Achieve Cybersecurity Goals

Moderator: Jeremy Boren, GrayMatter

Speaker: Jon Meyer, Utility Director, City of Babcock Ranch, FL


1:30 PM

How PPG Built a Powerful MES to Link Plant Floor and Customer Data

Moderator: Kerry McQuone, CMO, GrayMatter

Speaker: Laura Harshberger, PPG


2 PM

GE Digital Insights: An Interview with Paul Epperson, Vice President, Global Chief Commercial Officer – Manufacturing

Moderator: Alan Hinchman, CRO, GrayMatter

Speaker: Paul Epperson, VP, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Manufacturing, GE Digital


2:15 PM

Securing Funds for Water/Wastewater

Moderator: Jeremy Boren, GrayMatter

Speaker: Rick Peters, CISO, Fortinet


2:30 PM

Expert Presenter: 5 Steps to Create Intuitive Visualizations With Proficy Historian 9.0 and Operations Hub 2.1

Presenter: Greg Hazel, Solutions Team, GrayMatter


3:15 PM

How U.S. Steel is Building a Resilient OT Cybersecurity Strategy for 2022

Moderator: Nate Smith, GrayMatter

Speaker: Scott Christensen, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, GrayMatter; John Johnston, U.S. Steel


3:45 PM

Water Management Innovation During a Severe Weather Crisis

How Keystone Clearwater Helped Philadelphia Combat Historic Flooding from Hurricane Ida

Moderator: Jeremy Boren, Brand Manager, GrayMatter

Speaker: Jeff Wehler, Keystone Clearwater


4:15 PM

Happy Hour

Happy Hour at the Carnegie Science Center