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With the popularity of the Industrial Internet comes buzz words and pressure that you have to change now to survive.

It’s true – you do have to act fast – but we can help you cut through the chaos and decipher your digital priorities and first steps. We’ve lived on the operations floor for the past 25 years and we know what you need to win – not just keep up with technology.

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Innovation as a Service: Getting Your Data to Talk Back

It’s like Alexa for operational technology

The capabilities of maximizing equipment performance used to be reserved for the industrial elite — large companies that could afford a tremendous equipment investment. Now, the business performance door is open to everyone… Read More.


GE Transportation’s Road to Digital Transformation

The road to becoming Brilliant

Through GrayMatter’s offering of Brilliant Manufacturing as a Service GE Transportation has been able to empower its people, resulting in higher productivity, reduced downtime, a culture change and new revenue streams… Read More.


Penn State University Leading the Way in Smart University Transformations

A Penn State University Case Study

When it was time to upgrade the aging infrastructure across their campus, the stakes were high – we’re talking about glacier cores that could have been lost if refrigeration levels were not exact. Resources were tight and the project couldn’t wait… Read More.


Cyber Security for Operational Technology: The Guide

Why bolt the front door and leave your back door wide open?

Securing your information technology is a good and important step in business, but don’t forget about locking up the systems we rely on most in manufacturing, energy and water – the operational technology… Read More.


Three Steps to Act on the Data You’re Already Collecting

Everybody is collecting data, but nobody is acting

Industry 4.0 is waiting for no one and to get the full benefit of the transformation you need to create insight from your data. The good news is you no longer have to choose between focusing on a better top or bottom line, you can do both… Read More.


Water Innovations Create Better Living

Clean water is becoming cool

The water industry is now an inspiring place to work, it’s a transformed industry. New IoT technologies are turning every city into a smart city, giving people hope that they can achieve better standards of living… Read More.


Digitizing Industrial Communications: A Look into MDS Radios

If our network goes down, what do we do?

By digitizing industrial communications, cities can have a secure, long-distance system to connect pump stations to water and wastewater plants, allowing them to grab data when difficult environments make it hard for critical machines to talk to each other… Read More.


Digitizing Data Forensics: A City of Barrie Water Utility Case Study

Saving 60 to 70% time used during regulatory inspections

A control system that’s responsible for servicing over 150,000 people has multiple applications, each with its own data source and requires a tedious, manual process when gaps exist in data sets — wasting resources and causing major headaches… Read More.


Real-time Asset Conditioned Maintenance in Water Treatment Plants

Don’t just go by the “best-by” sticker on your pumps

In a water treatment plant, the generic date stamped on a pump becomes the driving factor for servicing rather than following data. What if we told you there was a better way, capturing the condition of assets consistently and efficiently?… Read More.


Gerdau Saves Millions Annually, Accelerates Their Digital Transformation

$4.5 million in annual savings with a complete ROI in only 8 months

A company with more than 35,000 people across 13 countries, the goal of a 20% reduction in maintenance cost was significant. It would not be easy to accomplish, but accomplishing the reduction was critical to the company’s profitability… Read More.


Unlocking Data Dollars with Mobility@Work: An Anadarko Case Study

How Anadarko Petroleum saved $1 million in the first year

It can be used in every industry, but this study showcases the significant value to the energy company by transforming their water hauling process through digitizing information and putting data in a format that can be used for big picture analysis… Read More.


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