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The New iFIX 6.0: What's in it For Me?

Dec. 13 | 2 PM EST
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Upgrading to iFIX 6.0: What's in it For Me?

Dec. 13, 2 PM – This is the first in a series of GrayMatter webinars that will introduce iFIX 6.0’s new secure-by-design features for high performance operators and explore why it’s a good time to upgrade from prior versions of iFIX.

Scott Duhaime from GE Digital will detail why it's important to upgrade and the main themes of iFIX 6.0. The following are just some of the reasons Duhaime will cover:

  • Reduce risk by using supported software
  • Leverage the latest secure-by-design technologies to minimize the threat of cyber attacks
  • Modernize to increase productivity with efficient HMI/high performance HMI standards

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