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Digital Journey to Connect and Protect Buildings & Systems

Listed among the top 100 universities in the world and cited as one of the ‘Top 50 Best Universities’ in America, Pennsylvania State University is a highly competitive institution.

When it was time to upgrade their aging infrastructure across their expansive campus, the stakes were high. Adding to that resources were tight and the project couldn’t wait.

Penn State IT and Plant Services departments had to put a plan in action. Download the on-demand webinar that takes you inside Penn State’s transformation.

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Accelerate Time to Operational Technology Protection

Our customers are telling us that the cyber headache is only growing in operational technology and when they look at the list of priorities it could take several years just to get their heads above water.

Armed with this knowledge, we developed a speed to operational technology protection cyber plan that you can put in place right now – without having to redesign your whole architecture.

Once you get the fast protection, you can start breathing and prioritize next steps. Faster security allows you to multiply the impact of your team, allowing them to make smarter decisions in less time.

Join two operational technology consultants from GrayMatter, Steve Varmuza and Bill Weed, as they detail how to accelerate time to OT protection in our third installment of the cyber education series.

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Cyber Security is a Team Sport: Rethinking Your Budget Strategy

We hear it all the time from our clients.

“We’re starting to investigate vulnerabilities. We’re forming a cyber committee. But we don’t have a lot of money to spend – it’s just not in the budget.”

But what if you’re thinking about your cyber security budget in the wrong way? It’s not a technology problem, it’s a business problem.

We focus on cyber security strategy as a team sport. Where do you fit on the team chart? Where are your team members in the lineup? How do you justify cost to leadership?

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Your Front Door is Bolted, but the Back Window is Wide Open: OT Cyber Security Webinar

You’ve set up a firewall. Hired a CISO. Bought Palo Alto.

Maybe you’ve even added an assessment from a large consulting group. Those action items and checked boxes are giving you a sense of security, a plan. But the problem is, it’s a false sense of security. You still haven’t protected your operational technology and that’s a huge problem.

Imagine a house with a bolted front door and a state-of-the-art home security system out front. It may seem secure, but the back window is wide open, curtains billowing in the wind – leaving it vulnerable to outside threats.

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring two operational technology experts from the GrayMatter team who address the major vulnerabilities and how to overcome them.

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Solving the Data Integration Problem for the Industrial IoT

Data integration is proving to be the Achilles’ heel of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The industry has been buzzing with news about the IoT and its promise of ROI. Unfortunately, data integration challenges have proved to be the largest blockades to progress on the transformations that companies had originally envisioned.

So why are so many industrial customers still using these clunky, brittle, and slow solutions?

Watch the webinar to learn how to overcome common data integration challenges with modern solutions and realize the ROI from the Industrial Internet.

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Super HMI/SCADA: Learning From Large Systems

What does it take to design and operate the largest HMI/SCADA systems in the world? Learn best practices from the big guys – including systems with more than a million tags.

Whether your HMI/SCADA is small or large, you can improve your communication, team knowledge and responses, uptime, and efficiency based on these best practices from real super-sized systems operating today.

Watch this one-hour webinar featuring James Gillespie, CEO of GrayMatter, Gimmi Filice, manager of HMI/SCADA software of GE, Corey Stefanczak, solution architect for Leidos Engineering, and Automation World moderator, Aaron Hand.

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How to Efficiently & Cost-Effectively Implement Condition Monitoring for Semi-Critical Rotating Equipment

Vibration or condition monitoring is a crucial part of any predictive maintenance regime – especially for those in machinery-intensive industries such as oil & gas production, hydrocarbon processing, electric power generation, pulp & paper, and water treatment.

You have your essential assets covered. But what about less critical equipment? Any effective strategy should include striking a balance in the plant.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn how to efficiently and cost-effectively implement a condition monitoring solution specifically for your less critical and spared machinery.

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Smarter Reporting, Dashboarding, Analytics For Your Industrial Data

Gathering all the information in your operations into one place is tough. Formatting the reports to fit your needs can be even tougher – just ask anyone tasked with compliance reporting at utilities, for instance.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how Dream Report simplifies reporting by providing a programming free, user-friendly, automated software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. Dream Report is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and will provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere and any time.

You’ll also learn how to get Historian reports, dashboards and analytics on web interfaces with Proficy Historian Analysis.

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Using Decision Support SCADA to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

With just a glance, today’s operators should be able to recognize which information requires their attention and what it indicates. They should know potential problems and the right actions to take.

Join us during this one-hour webinar on enabling the Smart Operator with Decision Support HMI/SCADA. You’ll learn proven tips and strategies to:

  • Leverage your HMI/SCADA as the foundation for an efficient operation
  • Drive the right response on the alarms that matter
  • Increase consistency and conformance to standards
  • Improve accountability on task completion
  • Prevent mistakes, quickly identify problems, and get on-demand support
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SCADA Webinar: Preventing Operator Mistakes and Speeding Response

Don’t just acknowledge SCADA alarms – drive the right actions

Even with your best operators, manual processes lack consistency.

You can’t be sure which procedures your operators followed or even whether they knew the right steps to take. With fourth generation HMI/SCADA, you can guide operators through the right steps and verify their actions.

In this one-hour webinar, learn how you can move from manual or paper-based procedures to electronic work instructions in your HMI/SCADA to:

  • Guide operator actions right in their familiar HMI/SCADA screens
  • Bridge your Operations and Maintenance – spanning event, work order, action, order closed
  • Capture best practices before experts retire and drive across teams
  • Minimize training time and costs
  • Compare staff performance and processes to optimize
  • Ease compliance by enforcing procedures
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Webinar: A ‘No Compromises’ Cyber Security Strategy for IT and OT Taking on the Industrial IoT

Join this webinar to learn valuable insights and interact with seasoned security expert Rob Goss of Tempered Networks. The discussion will squarely address the conundrum that Industrial IoT presents to CISOs with respect to meeting IT and OT imperatives, while reducing their organizations’ risk profile. The discussion will focus on:

  • The core connectivity architecture model for the Industrial IoT that is secure by default
  • Best practices for safeguarding your OT and IT systems and endpoints that cannot protect themselves
  • Customer examples of private overlay networks based on whitelisting used to protect high value assets and endpoints
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Best Practices and Approaches to Better Alarm Management

Alarm management is an undervalued and underutilized aspect of automation. Usually, alarm systems do not receive the attention and resources warranted. Alarms that seem to be deceptively simple or unimportant can point to larger problems. Many operations still subscribe to the original alarm management philosophies developed decades ago.

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How to Strengthen Your Field Service Performance

Gas, electric and water utilities face many challenges.

From deregulation and mergers to changing technologies, utility companies around the world are struggling to maintain operational efficiencies. You need to handle both complex, multi-day work orders and high-volume service requirements to maintain continuity and predict restoration of critical services.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can balance contradicting business objectives, manage exceptions, and respond to changing business needs – all while leveraging the GIS you already have.

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Improving Your SmallWorld™ Performance with Realworld Diagnostics

Are you wondering if your Smallworld™ GIS can perform better? Are you wondering how to reduce the total cost of ownership of your Smallworld™ GIS installation?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the fast and easy way to increase production, enhance performance of Smallworld™ GIS and save valuable server capacity with Realworld Diagnostics.

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