Water Innovations Create Better Living

Super HMI/SCADA: Learning From Large Systems Webinar
January 2, 2021
Going for Growth: PPG, Abbott, PepsiCo & GrayMatter
January 16, 2021

Top utilities in the US and Canada are seeing digital transformations when it comes to efficiency, intelligent water systems and water quality.

But it’s more than that – water is becoming cool. It’s an inspiring place to work. A transformed industry. The smart cities market size is expected to reach $757.74 Billion by 2020, with an annual growth rate of nearly 20-percent, according to the worldwide market research firm, MarketsandMarkets.

New technologies are giving people hope that they can achieve better standards of living and GrayMatter couldn’t be prouder to lead the way in the water evolution.

Download the white paper to read more on IoT in water, game-changing technology and real GrayMatter customer stories that increase efficiency and profitability in water.

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