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June 5, 2023
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June 27, 2023


GrayMatter User Group
2023 Program 


Customer Panel: Bringing Industrial Technology & Empowered People Together

Leaders from Bell, CONSOL Energy, Fluor and Smucker’s share their best leadership practices, tips for earning buy-in and how to find ROI when it comes to pursuing new technology projects in Automation & Controls, Advanced Analytics, Brilliant Operations & Industrial Cybersecurity.


Automation & Controls

Leverage Automation to Adapt to Changing Industrial Conditions

Fluor Mission Solutions: Modernizing Mission Critical Infrastructure

Brandon Wyatt - Senior Manager of IT Operations, Fluor Mission Solutions

Fluor works with GrayMatter on a five-year modernization strategy that’s designed to keep its critical infrastructure in line with industry standards and up and running 24/7. 

Big Trends
What trends are affecting your company and industry right now? 

Key Topics
  • PLC Upgrades
  • Tech Refresh 
  • iFIX Roadmap
  • How to phase in High-Performance Graphics 

Brilliant Operations

Building a Global View of Manufacturing with Brilliant Operations

Bell: Building a Secure Digital Factory to Envision the Future of Manufacturing

Steve Henson - Senior Manufacturing Operations Engineer, Bell

Bell operates its Manufacturing Technology Center to collect data about its manufacturing and optimize its processes. It also works hard to make sure its unique manufacturing equipment is protected from malware with a segmentation strategy it co-developed with GrayMatter.


Big Trends
What trends are affecting your company and industry right now? 

Key Topics
  • Moving to the cloud for scalability, cost reduction and shared instance collaboration
  • Mapping a gap analysis journey – Connectivity to Optimization
  • Defining your organization's challenges (hard-to-compare data, changing workforce, no real-time visibility)
  • Building a cross-functional team, earning leadership buy-in

Advanced Industrial Analytics

Harnessing Advanced Analytics: Finding Value & Staying Competitive

CONSOL Energy: Deploying Digital Twins to Optimize Mining Operations

Eric Shereda, Manager - Technology & Innovation, CONSOL Energy

CONSOL Energy works with GrayMatter to use mining equipment data and digital twins to improve the efficiency of its mining operations.


Big Trends
What trends are affecting your company and industry right now? 

Key Topics
  • Achieving the Perfect Batch - drop cycle times, identify bottlenecks, improve CPK and reduce variability in batch manufacturing
  • How Digital Twins contextualize and standardize manufacturing processes 
  • Getting value and producing predictive modeling from years (or decades) of historian data 
  • Identifying the best-fit use case and proving ROI quickly



Industrial Cybersecurity

Leveraging Cyber During Digital Transformation

Smucker’s: Scaling, Speeding Up & Securing Manufacturing Operations

Kevin Briggs - Architect, IS Operations, The J.M. Smucker Company

Building on a long collaboration, GrayMatter and Smucker’s pursue a winning cybersecurity strategy that eliminates duplicate IP issues and critical vulnerabilities on the controls networks, making operations quicker and easier. 

Big Trends
What trends are affecting your company and industry right now? 

Key Topics
  • A New Way to Look at Cyber as a partner, not a security silo
  • Developing an OT cyber strategy (best short term fixes and long term best practices)
  • Emerging Technology – how to sort through to find real value
  • One-on-one consulting sessions to plan your customized 18 month strategy