Unlocking Data Dollars with Mobility@Work

Digitizing Standard Operating Procedures to Ensure Safety, Security & Compliance at Orlando Utilities Commission
December 17, 2020
ProjectX: Intelligent Lighting with JPMorgan Chase
January 2, 2021


Anadarko presented publicly on this topic at the Produced Water Management Marcellus and Utica Congress 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA

Digitizing a manual data entry process saves big and empowers people to work smarter.

GrayMatter has a new solution to help transform manual data entry processes into digital insights for manufacturers, utilities and energy companies – transforming headaches into huge savings.

Mobility@Work digitizes information that would have been buried in stacks of paper and puts data in a format that can be used for big picture analysis. Hauling manifests, inspections, scheduling, incidents, inventory and time sheets are all transformed from piles on someone’s desk to an easy to read digital presentation.

“There are a lot of correlations you can make if you have the data working for you instead of in a stack of paper.”

Kemell Kassim, GrayMatter VP

Mobility@Work can be used in every industry, but the Anadarko Petroleum case study showcases the significant value to the energy company by transforming their water hauling process. Download the case study to learn how GrayMatter solved the manual data entry problem and helped them save nearly $1 million in just the first year.