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April 18, 2023
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June 5, 2023

emPOWERUP Virtual: Transforming Industrial Cybersecurity with AI

JUNE 27, 2023 | ON-DEMAND

emPOWERUP Virtual: Transforming Industrial Cybersecurity with AI

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way industrial companies approach cybersecurity.

Industrial organizations need tools with built-in, automated detection and response features, but it's important to first understand how those tools operate in real-world scenarios. 

Our one-hour session will cover how AI-based tools are improving cybersecurity defenses and also how AI is enabling malicious actors to generate higher-quality phishing and other social engineering schemes.

Other topics we'll cover:

• How industrial organizations can use a unique combination of connection attributes to make firewalls invisible to malicious actors

• How to reduce the load of “white noise” connection requests going to SEIM by more than 60%, creating recurring ROI

• Assessing current cybersecurity preparedness based on industry standards.