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July 9, 2020 Jeremy Boren

Transform: Reimagining Your Remote Industrial Workforce

New to Transform.virtual? Here’s What to Expect This Year

GrayMatter’s annual Transform conference is all virtual this year, but if you’ve attended before at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, we’ve expanded on our most popular offerings — real digital transformation stories and peer-to-peer collaboration — and added a fun way to give back to a worthy cause.

We’re breaking down customer story-focused presentations into four industrial operations tracks that attendees can find in the Transform Theater once they log in at 11 a.m. EDT Aug. 5: Advanced Industrial Analytics, Cybersecurity for Operational Technology, Digital Utility and Tech Accelerator.

In addition, we’ll offer the GrayMatter Hub, a series of expert-level discussions about deceptionGUARD, a new cybersecurity deception technology solution from GrayMatter; edge device control and connectivity; remote work for industrial operations; augmented reality; manufacturing quality improvement, and way, way more.

This year we’re featuring stories of digital transformation from Procter & Gamble, Cooper Tires, City of Akron Water and Dominion Energy, just to name a few.

We’ll have live and on-demand video interviews with manufacturing industry leaders, like P&G, who are building Advanced Industrial Analytics solutions to help reduce water and electricity consumption and getting valuable insights about production efficiency and product quality.

Cooper Tires, a key digital partner, will discuss how data from their manufacturing facilities can help them quickly adapt to changes in available workforce, materials and demand.

In the world of water utilities, City of Akron will present a fascinating discussion about how they’re using data to determine how much capacity is available in the event of a shutdown. Dubbed “time until empty,” the metric is invaluable to both operations professionals and senior leadership when they’re moving quickly to ensure every customer receives service without interruption.

Transform Helps Support Nonprofit 412 Food Rescue

Source: 412 Food Rescue

Great news!

GrayMatter is partnering at Transform with 412 Food Rescue, a Pittsburgh-based food recovery nonprofit with operations in Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Northern Virginia, Los Angeles and, most recently, Vancouver.

Everyone who participates at Transform on Aug. 5 will have a chance to help contribute to 412 Food Rescue’s mission of saving good food from going to the landfill and making it sure it gets to those who need it.

The nonprofit relies on thousands of volunteers to pick up extra food from groceries, restaurants and suppliers and deliver it to food pantries and other donations sites. Volunteers coordinate their efforts through the Food Rescue Hero App. If you’re in one of the cities listed, download the app and check out how it works in your area.

In the meantime, the more Transform attendees participate in learning sessions during the conference, the more credits they’ll receive to put toward GrayMatter gear. All proceeds go to 412 Food Rescue, plus, GrayMatter’s partners — who will be in Transform’s Partner Hub — are contributing to the nonprofit as well.

Plus, we’ll feature a one-on-one interview with 412 Food Rescue CEO Leah Lizarondo during Transform so you can learn even more about the work they’re doing.

And, it’s a lot of work. In five years, Pittsburghers alone have saved 10 million pounds of food. 412 Food Rescue plans to expand to roughly 100 cities in the next 10 years, so we could be talking about some seriously large numbers over the next decade.

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