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Transform 2018: Cyber Security Track

Room 4
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Day 2: Wednesday, August 1 

The Anatomy of an Attack: How Hackers Break into Industrial Operations  

10:30 AM | Room 4 | Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

Securing Cloud Connectivity 

11:30 AM | Room 4 | Scott Christensen, GrayMatter and Sam Harris, GE Digital

How to keep the converged OT/IT infrastructure safe.

The Cyber Underground

1:15 PM | Room 4 | Steve Lampo, Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Crime Division of the FBI

“90% of the attacks happen because of a lack of awareness.”

What data in your industrial companies do they really want? Steve will go over undercover cases and reveal how corporations are handling attacks.

Segmentation: Guidelines to Address Operational Technology Vulnerabilities 

2:15 PM | Room 4 | Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

Panel: Are the Threats Real? Behind the Scenes on Recent Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

3:15 PM | Room 4 | Kemell Kassim, GrayMatter, Scott Christensen, GrayMatter & Sam Harris, GE Digital

The GrayMatter and GE Digital team of experts will take you behind the scenes on what they are seeing most often with customer security issues.

Day 3: Thursday, August 2 

Build Your Cyber Maturity Model 

8:45 AM | Room 4 | Scott Christensen, GrayMatter

How to plan your workforce and processes right now and what to build on for the future.

How Penn State University Protected their Critical Assets and Buildings

9:50 AM | Room 4 | Alex Gelsick, GrayMatter

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