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Transform 2018: APM/Analytics Track

Room 3
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Day 2: Wednesday, August 1 

Finding Hidden Capacity and Real Savings at Eastman Chemical

10:30 AM | Room 3 | Paul Casto, GrayMatter

This session will focus on why Asset Performance Management is a must-have for your company to manage data across your assets and systems to create one view. We’ll also dive into customer success stories at companies like Eastman Chemical.

An Exercise in Root Cause Analysis

11:30 AM | Room 3 | Paul Casto, GrayMatter

How to get to the root of any operational problem: causes often fall in three categories – physical, human, and latent (lack of training).

How to Create Your Digital Roadmap

1:15 PM | Room 3 | Paul Casto, GrayMatter

Breaking down the process that gets you to the 18-month technology and people plan.

Lean Manufacturing Practices Meet Digital Technology: Inside the GE Aviation Muskegon Campus Story

2:15 PM | Room 3 | Paul Casto and GE Aviation Muskegon Team

Hear from the GE Aviation team about their plant success story. The beauty of this is how simple and straightforward it is to execute.

The Story of a Paper Company that Transformed Ideas into Operational Efficiencies

3:15 PM | Room 3 | Ken Latino, GE Digital

How WestRock found hidden capacity in their equipment and reduced unplanned down time.

Day 3: Thursday, August 2 

Hands On: Navigate Policies Used to Monitor Equipment Health

8:45 AM | Room 3 | Paul Casto, GrayMatter and Ken Latino, GE Digital

Hands-on exercise: Learing how to leverage inspection rounds.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Field Service Transformation

9:50 AM | Room 3 | Daniel Brabec, Director, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax from GE Digital

Learn how to grow service revenue, increase efficiency and collect accurate data immediately after field work.


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