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Transform 2018: Industry 4.0

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Day 2: Wednesday, August 1 

Enterprise Level Manufacturing Data Consolidation and Storage for Optimized Reporting and Analysis

10:30 AM | Room 2 | Alan Stott, GE Digital

Learn how to reduce the infrastructure at the plant and provide a data access layer for all plants.

Digital Transformation at T. Marzetti saves $2.5 Million a Year

11:30 AM | Room 2 | Jeff Woodard, VP Operational Excellence, T. Marzetti Company

“We’re now seeing data as an asset every day,”

T. Marzetti’s Vice President of Operational Excellence shares how employees at many levels now access data — making it simple and fast to spot problems, determine solutions and add value to customers.

Innovation as a Service

1:15 PM | Room 2 | Alex Gelsick, GrayMatter

Plant Apps Best Practices

2:15 PM | Room 2 | Coleman Easterly, GrayMatter

See how COP and BSOR methodology accelerate  time to value, ideal configuration, and user adoption.

Making Assets Smarter, More Visible at Concast

3:15 PM | Room 2 | Bob Caldwell, GrayMatter

Learn how Concast started their journey to a digital work order.

Day 3: Thursday, August 2 

Brilliant Manufacturing as a Service 

8:45 AM | Room 2 | John Benitz, GrayMatter

Big Wins: Particle Measuring Systems is Selling More Product and Increasing their Capability 

9:50 AM | Room 2 | Greg Hazel, TMMI powered by GrayMatter

Learn how this OEM revolutionized the way they upgrade their technology and digitized operations.

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