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Transform 2018: Digital Utility

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Day 2: Wednesday, August 1 

Smartest Sewers on the Planet 

10:30 AM | Room 1 | Reese Johnson, Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati

How the Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati came up with a way to pull together their data and form hydraulic models to calculate overflow in an accurate way.

Northern Water Takes Global Visualization to a New Level 

11:30 AM | Room 1 | Greg Hazel, TMMI powered by GrayMatter

Northern Colorado moves water across the continental divide, we’ll explain how they’re now operating more efficiently than ever.

DC Water & GrayMatter Team Up to Create Digital Utilities of the Future 

1:15 PM | Room 1 | Aaron Cromer, GrayMatter

Innovative technology in wastewater is optimizing facilities and providing a crucial step in wastewater treatment plants becoming energy self-sufficient.

The Evolution of HMI/SCADA: Creating the Master Plan at Kamloops, Waterloo and More 

2:15 PM | Room 1 | Dave Geiger, GrayMatter

Learn how accessing real-time data allows operators to create an protocols, so the operating system can then identify abnormalities in operations.

Scaling Your Transformation: Collier County Success 

3:15 PM | Room 1 | Aaron Cromer, GrayMatter

The secret to connecting operational and informational technology when it comes to water and energy. GrayMatter shares how to connect your data to other platforms.

Day 3: Thursday, August 2 

buildingALIVE with GrayMatter: Tracking Assets Moves From Utilities to Buildings 

8:45 AM | Room 1 | Alan Hinchman, GrayMatter

Monitor building conditions to know when one is sick, or wasting energy.

Artificial Intelligence for Water and Wastewater Systems

9:50 AM | Room 1 | Alan Hinchman, GrayMatter

How United Utilities generated 22% cost savings relative to baseline operations and improved the resiliency of their network.


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