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Cyber Track

Transform 2017

August 1 - 3 | Put-in-Bay, OH
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Accelerate Operational Technology Cyber Protection

Presented by Steve Varmuza, GrayMatter Cyber Consultant

Wednesday, August 2 | 10:15 AM | Room 1

Wannacry and Miria have demonstrated how cyber threats can impact operations and although everyone is working to put in place new technologies and defense in depth strategies, time, expertise and money are short. This session will show you how to turn your team into a cyber army. You’ll learn how to secure older XP systems and rapidly protect operations.

Why You Don’t Always Have to Redesign Your Network: A Penn State University Case Study

Presented by Tom Walker, Penn State University,  & Rob Goss, Tempered Networks

Wednesday, August 2 | 11:20 AM | Room 1

There are fast steps you can take for quick operational cyber protection. We’ll detail a case study with Penn State University on how micro-segmentation can help prioritize your team and provide breathing room. In this study, the team gained full access to devices they needed and reduced travel time. We’ll demonstrate how operational and information technology were organized to coexist in harmony.

FBI Take: How Government and Industry are Partnering to Fight Industrial Cyber Incidents

Presented by Keith Mularski, Unit Chief of the FBI Cyber Initiative & Resource Fusion Unit

Wednesday, August 2 | 2:25 PM | Room 1

Special Agent Keith Mularski heads up the Cyber Initiative for the FBI and was part of the effort to declassify cyber threats and pass them on to industry. In this session, he’ll walk through case studies of cyber incidents at US Steel, Alcoa and Westinghouse, revealing how the government communicated and worked together with industry to fight cyber crime.

Case Study: Manufacturing Best Practices and Breakthrough Technologies in Industrial Cyber Security

Presented by Steve Varmuza, GrayMatter Cyber Consultant & Jim Blaschke, CyberX North America

Wednesday, August 2 | 3:45 PM | Room 1

Which remediation activities have cost the least, but maximized the reduction of risk?

This session will detail ways our manufacturing customers have executed cyber plans most efficiently and avoided the $973,000 average cost of remediation.

And Jim will demonstrate exclusive technology that shows the ways a cyber attacker could take down a your control system, and how you can break the Chain of Compromise.


What’s Your Risk?

Presented by Dwight Agriel, GE Digital

Thursday, August 3 | 8:45 AM | Room 1

Learn how to provide visibility and control into your process to help with your biggest challenges like optimizing production, minimizing downtime and improving process integrity.

Walkthrough a Cyber Security Assessment

Presented by GrayMatter Cyber Consultants

Thursday, August 3 | 9:50 AM | Room 1

What’s a vulnerability assessment involve? How long does it take?

This session takes you step by step on how to instantly assess risk in your ICS network. Includes detailed reporting and mitigation suggestions. We’ll cover the deliverables you can count on when going through this first step of an operational technology cyber assessment.

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