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Tracking Your Cyber Security Investment

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You know you need to track vulnerabilities.

Operational technology is increasingly at risk and the vulnerability assessment is the first step. But you also need to track your total cyber security investment and make sure your money is reducing risk and reducing your cyber insurance premium. 

At Gray Matter we not only do a vulnerable assessment for your OT network, we create a security baseline for each asset with an IP address. 

We use our 25 plus years of experience in OT to help you decide where to invest first. During our regular updates with customers, we share how specific investments have worked to reduce cyber risk. 

Has the money you’ve already spent in OT vulnerability remediation had any impact on your cyber scorecard? 

“It’s in our DNA to show return on investment.” Kemell Kassim VP, GrayMatter

In a recent interview with ARC Advisory Group, GrayMatter VP Kemell Kassim detailed GrayMatter cyber initiatives and ROI case studies. Download the Q&A here. 


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