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On average, of today’s industrial companies:




30% Analyze data


10% ID problems


only 2% take action

Everyone is collecting data, but nobody is acting.

Leading industrial experts have shared that 90% of companies are collecting industrial data.

They’re spending big money just to have the information. But the sad truth is only about 2% are actually acting on that data.

Everyone needs an Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) strategy – why?

Industry 4.0 is waiting for no one and to get the full benefit of the transformation you need to create insight from your data. The good news is you no longer have to choose between focusing on a better top or bottom line, you can do both.

The capabilities of maximizing equipment performance used to be reserved for the industrial elite – large companies that could afford a tremendous equipment investment.

But GrayMatter is opening the business performance door to everyone.

Download this case study to see the first three critical steps to start acting on your data.

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