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Gray Matter Systems Webinar Series: Reporting in Automation

The Changing Paradigm: Creating Reports and Dashboards to Drive Continuous Improvement

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In today’s fast-paced world, access to good data when you need it can be the deciding factor between good and bad decisions. Whether you’re in general manufacturing or water and wastewater, life sciences or food and beverage, end user or integrator, the statement still applies: The best information yields the best decisions and the quicker the better. 

If you’re like most, you have systems in place to help you visualize and archive your process data. And by now, you’ve created an ocean of data that is growing every day.

In the past, business intelligence solutions were the go-to answers for wading through the deluge of data. Analytic tools were used to glean insights to better understand potential areas for improvement. And while functional, we all know how hard and time-consuming this can be. The tools you’re using today like SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Microsoft Excel are based on old technologies or are repurposed from the business world and just don’t deliver in an industrial application.

You need a solution that will enable you to generate the metrics that you want, automatically, and deliver it to you and your colleagues, quickly, easily and in ways that make it actionable.
Join us for this in-depth webinar as we explore Dream Reports, a solution built for industry that delivers connectivity, statistics, presentation, delivery and management in one complete package.

Key questions we’ll answer:

  • How do we turn data into valuable information?
  • How do we automate compliance & add actionable information reports?
  • How do we drive continuous improvement with actionable information?
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Hosted by:


Mandi Hebebrand, GrayMatter

Roy Kok, Ocean Data Systems

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