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May 31, 2018 Marketing

TechHub: PSU Paving the Way for Future Engineers and Manufacturing Industry, Former Hacker Brett Johnson at Transform 2018 + More

Joseph Cuiffi, Penn State alumnus and current assistant teaching professor and program coordinator of electro-mechanical engineering technology at Penn State New Kensington, works in a campus lab. Cuiffi is leading a team working on creating a smart manufacturing educational toolkit and curriculum that will be utilized in his classes and for external industry workforce development.
Image: Rebecca Dietrich

Advances in operational technology and Industry 4.0 have been moving rapidly – sometimes, it can seem hard to keep up. In fact, the key to getting ahead is to start the education process early in young engineers’ and students’ careers, according to a recent Penn State University article.

“The big issue right now is that we need a closer relationship with industry, not just on the research side, but also on the education side,” said Kevin Snider, chancellor of Penn State New Kensington. “We are in the process of finding what it is that business and industry need for Industry 4.0, and more importantly, what skill sets students need for success over the course of their entire careers in a world that will keep changing.”

Snider and staff at the campus believe that gaining awareness of Industry 4.0 now will better serve students in their future jobs in almost every industry. It was this belief that led to a partnership with the campus’ electro-mechanical engineering technology (EMET), Arconic and a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). According to the college, this partnership has now become a grant-funded team with a project titled “Factory 4.0 Educational Toolkit.” Penn State alumnus, Joseph Cuiffi, assistant teaching professor and program coordinator of EMET at the New Kensington campus, pictured above, will lead the team.

“The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) recently announced the selection of just ten projects, including that of Cuiffi’s team, related to smart manufacturing initiatives throughout the United States. CESMII is investing approximately $10 million for the chosen projects,” according to the Penn State article.

“We look forward to driving business practices, enabling technology and smart-manufacturing capability and workforce development through this investment,” said Jim Wetzel, interim CEO of CESMII. “Each project demonstrates a strong partnership between industry, academia and government that will provide unequalled results.”

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Brett Johnson: Former Hacker, Cyber Security Expert to Speak at Transform 2018

Former United States Most Wanted, Brett GOllumfun Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as The Original Internet Godfather who has been a central figure in the cybercrime world for almost 20 years, is a cyber security keynote at Transform 2018, GrayMatter’s annual conference for operational technology professionals.

Mr Johnson built and was leader of ShadowCrew, the precursor to today’s darknet markets. He was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud while helping design, implement, and refine modern Identity Theft, Account Take Over Fraud, Card Not Present Fraud, IRS Tax Fraud, and countless other social engineering attacks, breaches, and hacking operations.

Today, Brett works as a security consultant and public speaker. He has worked with groups such as the FBI, Microsoft, Emailage, NextCaller, IDology, AARP, Identity Guard, BBWest, TIB, The ACFE, The Card Not Present Group, The Identity Theft Resource Council, PRO, Universities, and many others.

Brett has been featured on numerous media outlets, most recently NBC, CNN Money, Vice, RT TV, ArsTechnica, The Independent, and more.

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Blackbaud HQ Showcases the Future of Intelligent Lighting

Blackbaud HQ intelligent lighting by Current, powered by GE

Blackbaud, the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good in Charleston, SC will welcome employees to their new 172,000 square foot headquarters complete with intelligent lighting from the innovative lighting platform, Current, powered by GE.

According to a recent announcement from Current, powered by GE, the infrastructure will deliver “80 percent lighting energy savings as compared to fluorescent, and add sensor technology that will improve office productivity by making the space responsive to human and environmental factors.” Additionally, the wireless solution is helping Blackbaud reduce installation costs and will save an additional 20 percent in energy costs versus a standard LED solution.

“As a company that embraces sustainability as a priority, Blackbaud not only wanted to build out a collaborative workspace but one that uses resources efficiently,” said Jon Olson, Blackbaud’s senior vice president and general counsel. “GE’s solution really stood out because of its compatibility with third-party sensors and software, making it easy for us to integrate other smart building devices and network architecture as needs arise.”

About Current, powered by GE

Current is the digital engine for intelligent environments. A first-of-its-kind startup within the walls of GE (NYSE: GE), Current blends advanced LED technology with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings, retail stores and industrial facilities more energy efficient & digitally productive. Backed by the power of Predix*, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet, and a broad ecosystem of technology partners, Current is helping businesses and cities unlock hidden value and realize the potential of their environments.

Cover image: Rebecca Dietrich

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