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May 24, 2018 Marketing

TechHub: The Future of Transportation, Clean Water Priority & More

A locomotive engine in the factory after the Brilliant transformation, shown with display screens that analyze data in real-time.

GE Transportation and Wabtec Merger Creating a Transportation Giant for the Future

General Electric Co. is merging its century-old locomotive business with rail-equipment maker Wabtec, according to IndustryWeek.

The deal is a transformative for Wabtec, which will roughly double its annual revenue by adding one the world’s largest makers of freight locomotives and rail equipment.

“Together we have a unique opportunity to drive tremendous growth in 2019 and beyond as the industry continues to improve,” Wabtec CEO Raymond Betler said in the statement. He will remain in the same role after the deal closes.

The combination will bring together two global leaders in rail equipment, services and software, combining GE Transportation, a global digital industrial leader and supplier to the rail, mining, marine, stationary power and drilling industries, with Wabtec’s broad range of freight, transit and electronics solutions.

Wabtec and GE shareholders will have ownership in a combined company with significantly expanded margins, a highly attractive growth profile based on an improved business mix, expanded global reach, and faster innovation in key growth areas.

The GrayMatter journey with GE Transportation has been the definition of co-innovation. Take a look at how Brilliant Manufacturing as a Service helped discover and roadmap their needs together, designing ways for machines to talk to each other and achieve incredible data insights:

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EPA Chief Vows That Clean Drinking Water is a ‘National Priority’

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt declared that keeping chemical contamination out of drinking water is “a national priority,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Drone footage shows long lines for water in Flint, Michigan, in April, 2018

Pruitt announced a four-part plan to address the dangers one group of hazardous chemicals — commonly called PFAS or PFOS — presents to drinking water. These are typically found in electronics, nonstick cookware, stain-resistant carpets, absorbs grease in products like pizza boxes and foam used by firefighters said to ABC News.

Research shows that people exposed to these chemicals through drinking water or who eat food grown in contaminated soil can be more likely to get cancer or face other health problems like hormone disruption.

“As we’ve used those chemicals over the course of many decades there are concerns across the country about these chemicals because of the persistence, their durability getting into the environment and impacting communities in an adverse way. That’s the reason we’re here today,” Pruitt said in remarks at a summit on PFAS chemicals at the EPA on Tuesday. “I’ll work with you to make sure we take action and not just raise awareness over these next couple months.”

Multiple states have found PFAS chemicals in drinking water, including Michigan, who is still recovering from the Flint lead crisis. Pruitt plans to travel to Michigan and other states to discuss the issue with local communities.

An analysis from the non-partisan advocacy group Environmental Working Group found that some level of the chemicals are present in drinking water for up to 110 million Americans. Drinking water systems for at least 16 million people tested with PFAS levels higher than the limit recommended by the EPA.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is creating huge opportunities in the water and wastewater industries — helping utilities reshape the way they operate, allowing them to make smarter and faster decisions.

“Partnerships between technology companies and utility companies are facilitating innovation,” said GrayMatter CEO, Jim Gillespie in TechCrunch. “It truly is a transformative time in the industry and the results couldn’t be more pure – better drinking water for everyone.”

Take a look at how GrayMatter is helping create digital utilities across the U.S. and Canada:

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Shaun Judd and Mike Karty from TMMI powered by GrayMatter will tell the story of how utilities are transforming and companies like Joy Global and GE Transportation are drastically reducing maintenance and operations time using the industrial internet. GrayMatter’s Chief Innovation Officer Alan Hinchman will take you behind-the-scenes of the digital transformation stories of utilities like City of Cincinnati and Collier County.

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