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April 11, 2018 Marketing

TechHub: U.S. Factories Add 22,000 Jobs, Manufacturing Sustainability & More

Factories Added 22,000 Jobs in March

Employment in manufacturing increased by 22,000 jobs in March, partially thanks to employment in fabricated metal products, which increased by 9,000 jobs in March and has shown the largest job gain over the last 12 months, adding 59,000 jobs in total. This accounts for about one-third of all jobs added to the pool of durable goods manufacturing work, according to Manufacturing.Net.

Another area of particularly high gain was transportation equipment manufacturing, which grew by 5,000 jobs and came in second place after fabricated metal products for the most growth.

Manufacturing industries have added a total of 74,000 jobs so far in 2018.

The industry is full of chatter about the powers of automation and Industry 4.0 — allowing industrial companies to leverage innovative technology and data insights to better operations.

Digital tools are essential to become a factory of the future, but so is digital expertise.

Everyone collects data, but our team can show you how to move to the next level and interact with the operational technology data to make value-driven decisions.

Take a look inside of GrayMatter’s work with Procter & Gamble — helping them deliver manufacturing of the future.

Digital Transformation Day 2018

The world is in transformation mode. The winners of its Industrial Revolution will master data and insights made possible through the power of digital industrial transformation. Join us in Orlando, Arlington, Chicago, Denver and Toronto with GrayMatter and GE leaders to learn how utilities are transforming and companies like Joy Global and GE Transportation are drastically reducing maintenance and operations time using the industrial internet. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes of Brilliant Manufacturing and teach you powerful lessons like how to build an OT cyber strategy.

Engineers’ Choice Awards

Ocean Data Systems, the market leader in reporting and corporate dashboards for the automation industry, announced that Dream Report has won the Engineers’ Choice Award for software asset management reporting.

“We are very honored that Dream Report was chosen for this most prestigious award,” explained Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “Our success with Dream Report and with our various OEM partnerships is clearly a win for our customers. Dream Report is installed in all markets and all around the world, and we are very happy to see that our customers are also Control Engineering readers.”

industry 4.0More than 90 product nominations from 43 companies were entered for consideration in the 2018 Engineers’ Choice Awards, which are held by Control Engineering Magazine. Winners are chosen based on what products are considered to be the most exceptional based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact — breaking it up into 26 categories.

“Innovative solutions such as Dream Report make manufacturing and other control engineering applications more efficient through the smart application of new technologies. Investments in the best products and software can help solve the most pressing challenges in automation, control, and instrumentation,” according to Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering content manager.

Sustainability Efforts in Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Energy and the National Association of Manufacturers announced the Sustainability in Manufacturing partnership.

The partnership, fostered by the DOE’s Better Plants Program, will help U.S. manufacturers drive energy productivity improvements and accelerate adoption of energy-efficient technologies, according to IndustryWeek.

Last year the program saved $4.2 billion in cumulative energy costs

“Working alongside our private sector partners, we are driving cost savings and a stronger, more secure U.S. industrial base,” said Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Through the Better Plants Program, nearly 200 manufacturers are able to set specific energy efficiency goals and share innovative energy reduction strategies. Last year the program saved about $4.2 billion in cumulative energy costs across 3,000 facilities that represent 12% of the U.S. manufacturing energy footprint.

“Manufacturers accept the responsibility to better the future of our communities, our environment and our children, which is why over the past decade, we have reduced emissions by 10% even as our value to the economy has increased 19%,” said NAM CEO Jay Timmons.

Take a look at how GrayMatter is helping JPMorgan Chase banks meet their sustainability goals

JPMorgan Chase made a commitment to environmental sustainability, which includes efforts to manage its buildings and branches more efficiently. Our smart banks implement technology that cuts energy consumption, lighting usage and water consumption to achieve a higher level of sustainability.

Dive into the project specs with us, getting the real details and ROI behind the intelligent lighting project.

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