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October 4, 2018 Jeremy Boren

TechHub: A.I. Sobriety, Spilling Prosecco, Honda Teams With GM

‘I’m here to inject some sobriety into AI’

Zachary Lipton, a professor of research at CMU, tried to deflate some of the hype around the state of artificial intelligence technology at a recent talk during the EmTech 2018 conference in Cambridge, Mass.

Lipton, who has dedicated his academic life to studying deep learning, big data tools and machine learning, says AI developers face major limitations when trying to deploy solutions atop constantly shifting data sets.

“They’re big, open problems, and I don’t know what the time horizon is to make meaningful progress,” Lipton said. “One thing I spend a lot of time working on is how do we develop models that are robust under shifts in the data sets.”

Artificial Intelligence

Zachary Lipton

Lipton highlighted media coverage that dramatically oversells the power of AI and endows it with too many human qualities.

“There’s a combination of a lot of excitement and a lot of ignorance,” he said, likening it to the dot-com boom when anyone could lay claim to being a web developer.

Lipton said where AI excels is in the realm of pattern matching and recognition.

That’s what powers Amazon Alexa’s ability to recognize voice commands or allows Google Translate to spit out nuanced language translations. It’s also behind the advances in self-driving technology because a computer can spot the differences between humans, cars, signs and other objects. And it helps industrial internet consultants like GrayMatter spot trends in a manufacturing plant, for example, that can help or hurt performance.

8,000 gallons of prosecco gushes from Italian fermentation tank

Usually, industrial tank failures are very bad news for the environment and any humans unfortunate enough to be nearby.

But instead of oil, gas or toxic waste, this tank failure at the L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano winery in Conegliano, Veneto, Italy, spilled 8,000 gallons of prosecco during an incident Sept. 25 captured in a viral Facebook video.

Conegliano: troppo mosto nel Silos , tracimano 30 mila litri di Prosecco !!

Posted by L'enoteca Zanardo Giussano on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The owners said the overflow resulted from overfilling.

Whatever the cause, it serves as a unique reminder about the value of APM, asset performance management, which creates a maintenance plan for assets ranging from pumps and engines that get used every day, to storage tanks that sit in the field untouched for weeks or months at a time.

During a recent discussion with Paul Casto, GrayMatter’s intelligent practice leader and an expert on APM, Casto talked about how companies need to monitor asset integrity.

“The whole process of understanding the health and condition of tanks and pipes is what we call asset integrity. It has its own process. Its own mitigation,” Casto said.

Problems could develop in a tank over decades, perhaps a result of wall thinning or other material degradation.

“It could be two years or it could be 30 years,” he said.

States and the federal government have regulations that require companies to monitor industrial tanks and to have a prevention plan in place.

“It’s all about asset integrity,” Casto said.

GM and Honda teaming up to build an autonomous vehicle

Honda announced this week it’s investing $2.8 billion over 12 years in GM’s autonomous car subsidiary Cruise Holdings.

“Together, GM and Honda will develop and build a wide-use autonomous vehicle intended to be deployed worldwide,” CNBC reported.

The car will be built at a GM plant. There’s no release date, yet, but the investment shows how eager major vehicle manufacturers are to develop autonomous vehicles that could one day be available on a consumer market scale.

“Together, we can provide Cruise with the world’s best design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, and global reach to establish them as the leader in autonomous vehicle technology — while they move to deploy self-driving vehicles at scale,” said General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra.

Speaking of GM…

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