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September 27, 2018 Jeremy Boren

TechHub: Automation Isn’t an ‘All or Nothing’ Strategy

Automation Isn’t an ‘All or Nothing’ Strategy

Digital Transformation


Industry Week spoke to Seegrid President of Product Jeff Christensen about how the maker of self-driving materials handling robots successfully reached 1 million miles of travel on the factory floor this year.

Christensen offered a key insight about venturing into any type of major digital transformation. It’s a sentiment that applies regardless of whether we’re talking about robot fork lifts, asset performance management or field service management.

“There’s often a perception that automation is an all-or-nothing strategy: that companies need to invest millions of dollars into a huge installation, retooling, and training initiative before they start to see the payoff. In reality, if you start with just one self-driving vehicle that requires no infrastructure changes within your facility, you can begin your path toward Industry 4.0 today and continue to build your fleet incrementally.”

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Jeremy is GrayMatter's Brand Manager and the author of TechHub and the emPOWERUP Podcast. He writes about digital solutions, trends and culture in the world of operational technology. Jeremy's background is in daily journalism. He has a passion for storytelling and enjoys highlighting the technologies and professionals taking on complex challenges in manufacturing, energy, cybersecurity and infrastructure.