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February 2, 2017 Marketing

TechHub: This Week in the Industrial Internet

In today’s wrap-up: Industry 4.0 acceleration, securing operational technology and digital transformation in the world of water

But first, welcome

Welcome to the first Gray Matter TechHub industry roundup — we’re glad you’re here.

In the coming weeks, join us in exploring the current industry buzz on cyber security, the Industrial Internet, operational technology, Industry 4.0 and digital transformations.

We know you’re busy, so allow us to pore over top news and send you what impacts you the most. Together, we’ll stay informed and empower our teams to work smarter in the changing world of operational technology.

Industry 4.0 is accelerating

A recent study interviewing 750 production managers from leading companies in three industrial sectors finds they are setting ambitious productivity goals for 2017. New digital and analytic tools are helping them establish best-in-class productivity programs.Industry 4.0

Predix, a cloud-based platform, is enabling industrial analytics for asset performance management (APM) and optimizing operations by providing a standard way to connect machines, data and people.

The study from the Boston Consulting Group found that 74% of the manufacturing executives interviewed plan to implement or are in the process of undergoing digital transformations.

One problem manufacturers mentioned was digitizing specific parts of a plant at a time, instead of a comprehensive integration.

Take a look at the digital transformation journey stories of Gray Matter customers Procter & Gamble and Anadarko in a two-minute spotlight by GE Digital.

Industry Week recommends four priorities when securing operational technology

What’s the most important factor of undergoing a digital transformation in Industry?


Industry Week said that the most efficient way to ensure this is through sensors, securing the first mile, data storage and software as well as having the right people and policies in place.

  • Sensors

Sensors allow for monitoring integrated devices within the industrial facility, reducing the risk for device manipulation within the OT system. In turn, this allows for stricter device security and acts as a prevention method for harm within the production process, environment or people.

High-level security systems are crucial for critical asset OT systems and management.

  • Securing the “first mile”

Securing the “first mile” involves the initial communication connections within a network. It allows companies to connect critical assets from their OT systems with a secure, private cloud network in order to have real-time analysis, according to Industry Week.

By securing this network of communication, it prevents malicious malware from being spread throughout the system and infecting devices and operations within a facility. 

  • Data storage and software

Installing smart application software is necessary for critical data analysis, and a crucial step towards system integration to the Industrial IoT.

  • People and Policies

Having the right policies and training for people in place is essential to security. Creating a strict security policy is crucial to keeping data secure, and decreases risk for data corruption either maliciously or inadvertently.

To find out your operational score, take our free cyber security challenge. 

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The World of Water: New Gray Matter Innovation Partner

Gray Matter Systems is partnering with Eramosa Engineering Inc. to provide innovation solutions to our water customers. Eramosa provides services for implementing technology solutions and has ongoing projects throughout Canada and the United States. One example is the Regional Municipality of Waterloo where they upgraded their water and wastewater system.

Waterloo, a city in southern Ontario, hosts the Elmira Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Kitchener WWTP, Manheim WTP and Preston WWTP.

As part of the project, Eramosa planned and implemented construction of two new equalization tanks to the Elmira plant, as well as installed and programmed GE’s iFIX software for the tanks.

At the Kitchener plant, new UV disinfection and blowers building facilities were designed to upgrade the aeration and disinfection process, and integrated into the facility’s SCADA network.

At the Manheim plant, there was removal and decommissioning of clarifying processes and installing ACTIFLO units, as well as a polymer dosing system to remove sludge, integrating them into their SCADA system.

Upgrading systems and reaching the highest standard in technology, as well as system integration for real-time data analysis, allows for better overall operations and a safer and healthier environment.

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