Staying Competitive in Pulp & Paper with Predictive Analytics

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February 7, 2019
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GrayMatter Senior APM Consultant Ken Latino and TwinThread CEO Erik Udstuen will host a special webinar to explore how predictive technologies can help pulp and paper manufacturers tap into hidden capacities and valuable cost reductions.

You probably already have the data.

But what about the analytical tools to leverage real cost optimizations and predict potential downtime events?


Join us online for our in-depth discussion and begin moving to a strategy powered by predictive tools and analytics.

This webinar is for operational technology specialists, managers and technicians in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry.

What You’ll Learn

  • Erik, a former process engineer at International Paper, will discuss how TwinThread technology can reduce one of the industry’s biggest operational costs — energy consumption — by 2 to 5 percent.
  • Ken, a former WestRock packaging mill reliability engineer will explore how Asset Performance Management can streamline maintenance and escape the reactive cycle of equipment maintenance that impacts already lean margins.






Predictive analytics super-charge the expertise that’s already in the boardroom, or in the warehouse or at the well pad. It can answer a question no one thought to ask, or offer an early alert about a pressure reading that could become a ruptured tank.

It’s about finding warning signs, plotting trends and using a virtual space to dig into real-world problems. Simply, we bring the data together, so you can take it apart.

Read our ProjectX: Predictive Analytics edition to learn how the insights helped transform companies in the oil & gas, water utility, and food & beverage industries.

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