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Smart Drinking Fountains

“This project redefines public water consumption, putting people and clean water first.” —Jim Gillespie, GrayMatter CEO

GrayMatter and DC Water have created a drinking fountain that monitors water quality and flow in real time – giving users more confidence in the water they are drinking and saving money spent on maintenance and testing. The groundbreaking co-innovation project addresses lead levels – one of the most pressing issues in water.

The smart drinking fountains are equipped with sensors that use real-time data and analytics to monitor water quality and flow levels. The sensors then send that data to the cloud.

If water quality begins to deteriorate, alerts are sent by text or email to water managers, while a “change filter” message alerts maintenance so they don’t have to estimate when lead filters should be changed.

cloud computing smart fountain graymatter


Quality monitoring, sensor/cloud analytics

filter smart fountains analytics graymatter


Advanced lead filtering

alarms analytics smart fountains graymatter


Auto shut-off for alarm conditions

Smart Fountains in Schools

GrayMatter and DC Water are navigating the turbulent IoT waters – together, we’ve created smart drinking fountains that monitor water quality and flow in real-time with the goal of deploying connected drinking fountains in public places like schools.

We’ve made the [smart fountains] intelligent so they check their own quality, and they try to clean themselves and let someone know if they need help being cleaned. It’s kind of a confluence of all these things that weren’t possible coming together.”


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