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June 23, 2020 Jeremy Boren

Remote Work Cybersecurity, Transform 2020, C-19 Supply Chain Shifts

IBM Security Survey Finds Most At-Home Employees Feel Unprepared

Source: Pexel

A new IBM Security poll of 2,001 U.S. adults who are newly working from home because of COVID-19 found that 45 percent didn’t receive security training, and most are using personal laptops and mobile devices.

“The majority of people who went to work from home believed that their organization could keep personal identifiable information (PII) secure while they were working remotely,” the survey found, ThreatPost reports.

Employees of larger companies were more likely to report that their employer is administering their personal devices and providing some cyber training.

Still, that leaves a lot of room for error.

Check out the full survey, and for more resources about expanding remote work capabilities and securing them, read about GrayMatter’s Industrial Cybersecurity solutions.

Stay On Top of GrayMatter’s Transform 2020 Keynote Updates

Source: GrayMatter

Sign up for GrayMatter’s Virtual ConferenceTransform 2020 on Aug. 5, and you’ll receive updates about keynote speakers, training opportunities and how you can chat with operational technology experts and peers.

Read about our keynote lineup so far and click “Get Tickets” to register.

Since this year’s event is virtual, you’ll be able to see a mix of live and on demand speakers and interact with other professionals in manufacturing, water utility, cybersecurity, oil and gas, food and beverage and other industries.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Post COVID-19 Supply Chains Might Not Change as How You Think

Source: Pexel

Forbes reports that talk of a “wholesale decoupling” of corporate supply chains from China isn’t likely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“What I’m hearing in talking to clients and friends is a lot of talk about reshoring and shortening supply chains. But we’re not equipped to do that in some cases,” said Dan Markovitz, author and President of Markovitz Consulting, a provider of Lean business coaching.

Christian Lanng, co-founder and CEO of Tradeshift, said what appears to be more likely is that manufacturing companies will remain in China, but will diversify and build second and tertiary manufacturing centers.

“Manufacturing can learn a lot from Cloud computing,” Lanng told Forbes.

“It’s organized around a few core principles that apply here, such as being distributed and resilient. Dynamic computer storage can lead the way for dynamic warehousing. A lot of Amazon’s success is because of their thinking this way,” Lanng said. “I think it’ll become a massive trend.”

Read the full piece here.

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