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ProjectX TechStream Week 

Join GrayMatter’s tech experts for a new series of one-hour ProjectX TechStreams. Participants will learn a five-part approach to evaluating and successfully implementing a complete motion control and motion safety solution. Registration is required.

ProjectX TechStream Week
Oct. 5 – Oct. 9


  • Registration is required
  • Oct. 5 - Oct. 9 | 11 AM EST

Motion Control: Servo, Stepper, VFD, PLC Control & Single Axis and Multi-Axis Control

OCT. 5 | 11 AM EST
GrayMatter’s team covers how to assess your needs at the beginning of your next motion control project, starting with some fundamental questions. What kind of motion controller is required? Is a PLC-based solution required? Is I/O point-to-point communication appropriate?

Sizing a Servo Motor for Your Application

OCT. 6 | 11 AM EST
It’s time to evaluate the specifications of the servo motors available and determine which ones meet your application’s needs. How fast should it be? What’s the weight? This session with GrayMatter is all about sizing the motor appropriately to get the best outcome possible.

Rotary Motion to Solve Linear Applications

OCT. 7 | 11 AM EST
There are a few final steps to consider as you narrow down your choices. If you’re using a linear or rotary axis, what actuator do you need? How do you take rotary motion from a motor and convert it into linear action? If you choose linear, do you need roller rails, a belt driver, ball screw or rack and pinion?

Tuning Servo Motors to Optimize Performance

OCT. 8 | 11 AM EST
You’ve selected a motor, so now it’s time to put it on the test bench. This is the voodoo of motion control. How do you put it on a PID loop? How will it operate? It’s time to optimize.

Motion Safety: SIL Ratings & Categories, Controllers, Interlocks and Sensors

OCT. 9 | 11 AM EST
This session’s focus will be on SIL Ratings and Categories. Consider the liabilities of building a machine that’s moving. What are the risk reduction measures that are in place? What’s the probability of failure. GrayMatter’s experts will go over the functional safety considerations that should be reviewed.

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